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Current Satellite News
October 29th, 2019
Arianespace to Launch ESA's EarthCARE Collaborative Satellite 
the role clouds and aerosols play in reflecting incident solar radiation back into space and trapping infrared radiation emitted from Earth's surface.
Seeing 15,000 SPOTS ... Delights Globalstar Europe with Milestone SPOT Device Sales
devices’ tracking feature can help first responders and others locate users even if they are unable to press the SOS button during an emergency.
Forrester Reports: The C-Band Alliance has Eutelsat's Support... but not Membership
Rhe satellite operator strongly supports a ‘market-based’ solution to an auction of the spectrum and is not in favor of an FCC-operated auction.
Forrester Reports x 2: FCC Still On Track for C-Band Spectrum Decision ALSO Maxar and Thales Alenia Compete for Telesat 
O'Rielly spoke of various initiatives to free up extra spectrum for cellular use, including C-band, and stressed that the FCC has its eyes on 300 MHz...
Record Breaking Return from 780 Day Mystery Mission ... USAF's X-37B Spaceplane Arrives 
The spaceplane conducted on-orbit experiments for 780 days during its mission, recently breaking its own record by being in orbit for more than two...
The Extra Mile ... Special Humanitarian Award to Avanti's iMlango Project for Marginalized African Students
in 205 Primary and 40 Secondary schools across four regions in Kenya ... to enable over 180,000 marginalized children to improve their educational 
An Attractive and Competitive Space Platform Solution ... ESA and Airbus Collaborate on ISS' Bartolomeo 
ESA recognizes that Bartolomeo is an attractive and competitive space platform solution ... substantial interest from its Member States as well as 
Size is Important but ... Morpheus Space’s Modular, Scalable Satellite Propulsion Could be a Game-Changer for Orbital Industry
“Our motivation behind starting Morpheus Space was the lack of maneuverability of, especially small satellites in space,”
Provide Advanced SATCOM Services ... Gilat and China Satellite Communications Reinforce Their Partnership
Gilat and China Satcom will work in partnership to enable and deploy Gilat’s DVB-S2X technologies throughout China while supporting all business...
General Dynamics Information Technology's $325 Million Contract to U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
when natural and man made disasters occur, communications networks become congested from increased traffic or physical damage. In these...
Teledyne Paradise Datacom Unveils New Pulsed Radar SSPA
The solid state technology provides an ideal pathway for customers seeking to upgrade or replace their existing legacy radar platforms with a newer ...