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January 26th, 2015

X2nSat's Great Alaskan Expansion... Made Possible By Romantis' UHP Hub

[SatNews] X2nSat recently expanded its network coverage to Alaska and increased capacity over North America with the purchase of a fourth Romantis UHP hub. The service is offered in the Ku-band on the Intelsat Horizons-1 satellite.

Romantis CEO Vagan Shakhgildian

Romantis CEO Vagan Shakhgildian said the UHP platform has a high-packet processing capability and allows deploying satellite networks of any topology, including point-to-point, “star,” “mesh” or complex hierarchy, and is based on the latest modulation and coding technologies, ensuring highly efficient utilization of satellite bandwidth.

X2nSat CEO Garrett C. Hill

X2nSat CEO Garrett C. Hill agreed. “Romantis technology is such a good fit for us because of its ease-of-use,” he said. “The UHP-1000 platform offers simplicity, low cost, a strong VLAN feature set, geographical redundancy, and one-stop remote hardware that can be configured for TDMA or SCPC. We’re thrilled to partner with Romantis in this expansion that means we now offer full continental coverage for our clients.”

"We appreciate how easy it is to create new networks with the Romantis product line,” said Hill. "For the past two years, we have had a good experience with our Romantis hub; we believe we are the largest Romantis operator in North America.”