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Current Satellite News
January 26th, 2015
Celebrating 17 Years Of EUMETSAT Service is Metosat-7
The satellite is generally in good health, having suffered only a few anomalies over the years.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Exoplanet, How I Wonder Where You Are
Twinkle, a bold and pioneering British mission, will observe more than one hundred known exoplanets and will unveil their weather, history and the chemical composition of their atmosphere.
Two Space & Missile Systems Center Directorates Merge Into The Advanced Systems + Development Directorate
SMC/AD is charged with the single mission to "Drive future space capabilities through collaborative, innovative, developmental planning and demonstrations."
Settling The EELV Program Diff's 'Tween SpaceX + The U.S.A.F.
Going forward, the Air Force will conduct competitions consistent with the emergence of multiple certified providers.
NOAA Predicts "Historic" Snowstorm For U.S. East Coast—Impressive Satellite Imagery
A blizzard warning currently stands for much of the Northeast and is expected to remain in effect until early Wednesday morning.
Es’hailSat + London-Based Network Enrich Arab Youth Programming 
Al Araby Television Network is a new channel based in London, which aims to be a platform for Arab youth, talent, energy and aspirations.
AppOpsSvcs For NGA To Be Handled By TASC
"We hope to generate interest across a broad range of developers and bring NGA innovative products that fully address its security, performance and mission requirements."—Amanda Brownfield, Sr. V.P., TASC.
Hands On With Keysight Technologies + Their Traveling Seminar Series
Seminar participants will receive a certificate of completion and have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a U1273A handheld multimeter and U1117A Bluetooth® adapter.
MEASAT Appoints From Within...Senior Sales Director, Broadcast Sales   
[He] is moving from his previous role as Senior Sales Director, Telecoms and VAS, Asia Pacific. 
Lockheed Martin + Vanguard Space Technologies Deliver Bus Structures... Improve Survivability For Warfighters
A single AEHF satellite provides greater total capacity than the entire legacy five-satellite Milstar constellation.
DigiGone’s DigiSport's™ Customized Sports Fishing Video...This One Didn't Get Away... Streams Action Live
“Using fixed, aerial and underwater cameras, and the vessel’s existing FBB or VSAT system, the low cost, low bandwidth DigiSport system will revolutionize the sports fishing market..."
Spacecom's AMOS-5 Delivers ACTV To Nigeria + ACTV Delivers Multi-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Contract To Spacecom
"Our viewers in Nigeria deserve choice, and we at ACTV are giving them new and stimulating offerings for their pleasure..."
ORBIT Communications Bringing SATCOM Solutions To East Asian Defense Organization
"This deal strengthens ORBIT’s position as a leading provider of airborne connectivity solutions for strategic projects.”—Ofer Greenberger, CEO, Orbit Communication Systems.
X2nSat's Great Alaskan Expansion... Made Possible By Romantis' UHP Hub
"allows deploying satellite networks of any topology, including point-to-point, “star,” “mesh” or complex hierarchy..."
Interesting...Buying Into 4K Technology Despite Limited Viewing Capabilities...So Far
184 million people who will tune in, about 8.8 per cent plan to buy a new TV to view the game, the highest-ever number in the survey’s 9 year history.