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March 3rd, 2015

Walton De-Ice... Gives Ice Buildup The 'Cold Shoulder'... Just A Shake Achieves 100x Energy Savings    

The Ice Quake system (U.S. patent pending) enhances the reliability of a passive snow shield cover. Now you can de-ice a 4.5 meter antenna with only 100 watts of power, a 2.4 meter antenna with only 50 watts of power  

[SatNews] Walton De-Ice, is giving the industry a shake and spreads out with its Snow Shield and Ice Quake products that are now available via Preferred Walton De-Ice Distributors; Capella Telecommunications, Satcom Resources, Satellite Engineering Group (SEG), and Viking Satcom. These satellite ground system integrators can now help their customers achieve up to 100-fold energy savings with Walton's Ice Quake compared to conventional anti-ice solutions.

Walton De-Ice's Snow Shield antenna cover uses architectural fabric that is virtually invisible to RF for antennas from 0.6 to 6.3 meters in size. Snow Shield covers can be passive, or actively heated using electric or gas heaters. Walton De-Ice's Ice Quake enhances the performance of the Snow Shield antenna cover by vibrating the fabric cover, preventing snow and ice accumulation that degrade signals.

"Only Walton De-Ice, with our patented solution, offers the ability to add vibration to a satellite dish cover to prevent ice and snow buildup," says David Walton, "and we look forward to helping our distributors and their customers take advantage of this innovation." By eliminating the need for high power conduit, trenching, and electrical switch gears, it also saves costs compared to conventional electrically heated anti-ice systems.

The Snow Shield Cover is designed for antennas in size from 0.6 meters to 6.3-meters in diameter. The Snow Shield consists of coated material, which is virtually invisible to RF, stretched over the satellite antenna. The Snow Shield can be used as a passive, Ice Quake, or heat system that can be added for a higher level of protection.

Don Smith, Sales Manager of Capella Telecommunications says, "As Canadians, and as the leading Canadian integrator and stocking distributor of quality professional satellite equipment, we know the effects of snow and ice on un-protected satellite Earth station antennas. That's why Capella is excited to offer Walton's latest innovations in antenna weather protection for our customers. We have many systems  installed here in Canada, that have been in service for many years with no outages."

Fred Pope, President of Satcom Resources of Avon, Colorado says, "Quality products for our customers is a singular focus of Satcom Resources, and the Walton De-Ice brand is synonymous with quality. We are excited to offer our customers the benefits of these innovative Walton De-Ice Snow Shield and Ice Quake products."

Chris Childs, Director of Broadcast and Network Sales, Satellite Engineering Group, says, "We are excited to help our CATV, Broadcast and Satellite customers better protect their signals from degradation due to snow, ice, and rain by offering them Walton De-Ice Snow Shield and Ice Quake products."

Ken Sexton of Viking Satcom says, "To prevent seasonal damage and interference to your antenna system, Walton's Snow Shield and Ice Quake products are an excellent choice. We are delighted to be a Preferred Walton Distributor and to be able to offer our customers the
energy-efficiency and performance benefits that the Walton's Snow Shield and Ice Quake products offer."

During the SATELLITE 2015 trade show March 16-19th, 2015 in Washington, D.C, at Booth 5049, Walton De-Ice will be promoting its latest in gas and electric heated hot-air systems for large antennas, as well as its innovative Ice Quake, and Snow Shield solutions.