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March 3rd, 2015
ESA Provides Hitchhiking CubeSats w/A Surreal Ride ...AIM An Amazing Adventure On An Asteroid
 Think of it as the ultimate hitchhiking opportunity...
The Upcoming UK Space Agency's Second CubeSat Mission Is Definitely Taking Shape
The suite of three payloads will be developed by UK academic-industrial partnerships that will use the mission for rapid and cost-effective demonstration of new and innovative space technologies.
Electrical Empowerment Via Boeing Results In Signal Sendings For ABS and EUTELSAT Satellites
The satellites were launched as a conjoined stack on a single SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, demonstrating a patented Boeing technology that promises to noticeably reduce launch costs.
Jumpin' On With Jupiter... Hughes' Providing Technology Upgrade To TS Global Network
“Service providers need cost-effective solutions for upgrading their capabilities without necessarily uprooting their network infrastructures.”—Vaibhav Magow, senior director, Asia/Pacific Region, Hughes.
Super News From Superbrands For Avanti Communications
“The award of Business Superbrand 2015 status serves as very welcome recognition of our strategy."—Matthew O'Connor, COO, Avanti Communications.
KRYTAR Continues to Grow Their Directional Couplers In The Right Direction
For many space-restricted applications, the compact size makes KRYTAR directional couplers ideal solutions
Crucial Comms For Volvo Ocean Race Are In Cobham's Hands
The Cobham TCS NETNode Mesh IP radio provides IP connectivity for email and internet access, with COFDM modulation to integrate video, audio and GPS information.
Walton De-Ice... Gives Ice Buildup The 'Cold Shoulder'... Just A Shake Achieves 100x Energy Savings    
Customers can achieve up to 100x energy savings, and 20x less data loss using Walton products...
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Tata Sky Pumps 4K With Ericsson Compression Assistance
Ericsson will provide compression technology for 4K distribution using high resolution 1080P50 format.
World Teleport Association Board's New Chairman
"I have come to admire his integrity and passion over the years and I am confident that under his guidance the WTA will continue to encourage independence and, more importantly,..."
@ NAB 2015—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Quintech's ARCHIMEDES To Make An Appearance
"ARCHIMEDES offers unique features and redundancy options while being 40% lower in price compared to similar matrices."—Frank Elling, President, Quintech.