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June 25th, 2015

ASC Signal Sponsors Second In Video Series “Satellites And The Beautiful Game” = 3 Billion Viewers + $4 Billion Return

[SatNews] Satellite and the World Cup have deep connections...

On June 17, with the financial support of ASC Signal, the Society of Satellite Professionals International released the second video in its Better Satellite World campaign (www.bettersatelliteworld.com).  “Satellites and the Beautiful Game” tells how satellite brought the 2014 World Cup from Brazil to three billion viewers worldwide and generated more than $4 billion in economic impact. 

Satellite and the World Cup have deep connections. The globally recognized football (or soccer ball) was introduced at the 1970 World Cup.  Needing a design that would show up clearly on black-and-white television, organizers modeled it after a satellite called Telstar.  From that moment, satellite has been the means by which the world watches the World Cup, as well as countless sports events, news and scripted programming. 

Satellites and the beautiful game.

The Better Satellite World campaign aims to educate future end-users, today’s government policymakers and the next generation of potential employees about satellite’s immense contribution to the modern world.  Since the days when “live via satellite” run at the bottom of every television screen, this successful and dynamic industry has lost visibility in business, government and daily life, and that lack of awareness translates into disadvantage in the marketplace. 
 “The future of ASC Signal depends on the health of the satellite business,” said Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC Signal, who has served as a President and Chairman of the Society in prior years.  “We are doing our bit to help this vital campaign provide our industry with the educational and marketing tools to fight for its spectrum needs, access financing, innovate and continue to facilitate global business, government, safety, health and human progress decades into the future.  It’s the responsible choice.”
Viewers can see “Satellites and the Beautiful Game” on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N7egandT34.  The first video in the series, “What’s a Satellite Done For You Lately?,” can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuO19Isr8X8
“The Better Satellite World campaign” is being endorsed and underwritten by a growing number of leaders in our industry,” said SSPI executive director Robert Bell.  “That support makes it possible for us to engage the entire industry in using this exciting content to market its value to a new generation of customers, policymakers and future employees.”