Satnews Daily
February 15th, 2017

Arabsat and ONT It's Good to Have a Tunisian Broadcast Platform on Badr-4  

Arabsat and ONT will be busy launching a Tunisian broadcast platform by the end of the second quarter of 2017. The companies signed an agreement for the platform to be on Arabsat Badr-4 at 26 degrees E. Rohde and Schwartz were chosen for the installation and commissioning of the platform as they posses the best technical specifications.   

The result of this endeavor is that the Tunisian and regional broadcasters will have a direct access from Tunis to the growing 26 degrees E neighborhood with a coverage encompassing MENA and Western Europe.

Khalid Balkheyour, CEO of Arabsat remarked that the platform is the result of the long term cooperation between Arabsat and the Office National de la Telediffusion Tunisien (ONT) which began several years ago. Balkheyour added that it will enhance their relationship with Tunisia where Arabsat is already present through their Satellite Control Station as well as the HQ of their  strategic partner ASBU. 

Mr Dhaker Baccouch CEO of ONT stated that by expanding their cooperation with Arabsat it will enable them to meet their customers' needs and position ONT as a true one stop shop. Baccouch added that he believes the 26 degrees E neighborhood will continue its growth through the addition of  exclusive TV channels respecting the traditions of the region.