Satnews Daily
September 30th, 2015

Ruslan International's Encore... Transports For The Second Time ARSAT Satellite To French Guiana

[Satnews] Ruslan International transported the ARSAT-2 satellite from Bariloche, Argentina to Cayenne, French Guiana on behalf of ARSAT, the Argentine Government satellite operator. The launch of ARSAT-2 at the Guiana Space Centre is a huge step towards seeing an array of telecommunications services such as television, telephone and Internet access delivered across South America by an Argentine-owned satellite.
Heavy air cargo specialist Ruslan International was contracted to undertake this project as a follow-up to its delivery of ARSAT-1 in 2014. Given the successful lift during that mission, in which Ruslan International showed that its fleet of 17 AN124-100 aircraft was more than up to the task, they were once again given the responsibility of completing the job this time around.

The An124-100

The specific environmental conditions required during the construction and transportation of the satellite gave the load an extra layer of complexity. Weighing over 35,000kg, the cargo needed to be processed and handled as quickly and carefully as possible, with Guiana Space Centre having a strict schedule for delivery acceptance, preparation and launch. These stringent requirements meant that Ruslan International’s AN124-100 aircraft was the only appropriate mode of transport.
In attendance for the load were a number of delegates from the government of Argentina. Also present were top management representatives from ARSAT and INVAP, the leading Argentine technology manufacturer commissioned to build both ARSAT-1 and ARSAT-2. The skill and professionalism of the Ruslan International team ensured that the project was completed flawlessly.
Peter Baldauf at Volga-Dnepr Unique Air Cargo, on behalf of Ruslan International said, “Following the successful transport of ARSAT-1 last year, we were delighted to be able to work on this project once again with the ARSAT-2 lift. Loads such as these that have such a wide-ranging impact are a privilege to work on, and we are delighted that Ruslan International was able to play a role in its completion.”
Carlos DiPolito at ARSAT said, “The capability of Ruslan International’s AN124-100 aircraft speaks for itself, and the excellent work done by its operations team has ensured that this project was shipped successfully and on time to Kourou.”