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Current Satellite News
September 30th, 2015
Spaceflight Goes Big For The 'Wee' Ones... Purchases SpaceX Falcon 9 For Cost Effective Ridesharing Small Sat Industry
Spaceflight publishes launch pricing and schedules online, aiming to make access to space as easy as booking an airline ticket.
Ruslan International's Encore... Transports For The Second Time ARSAT Satellite To French Guiana
...is a huge step towards seeing an array of telecommunications services such as television, telephone and Internet access delivered across South America by an Argentine-owned satellite.
No Shortage Of Talent At Space Foundations' Space Technology and Investment Forum 
This program is presented by Space Foundation which holds a by-invitation gathering of some of the most innovative, insightful and visionary professionals from the entrepreneurial and investment sectors of space and technology.
Sixty-Eight For Sixty-Eight... Arianespace Successfully Launches Sky Muster + ARSAT-2
This launch further extending Ariane 5’s track record of highly accurate payload delivery,
AQYR Technologies' Are Infused With An AFRL Contract For Portable Satellite Receive Suites
Both systems are highly-portable, rugged satellite receive suites that can be deployed and operated by a single user.
An Entertaining Agreement Between Global Eagle Entertainment + Etihad Airways + Debuts AIRPRO After Test Flights On First Air
Etihad Airways, one of the largest airlines in the Middle East, has spearheaded this innovative IFE initiative, the first of its type in the industry and the company announces the launch of AIRPRO with Canadian airline First Air.
Bringing Space Access To The Middle East Is The Goal Of A New Agreement Between Swiss Space Systems + d7b group
The official inauguration of the S3 Middle East office with occur during the Dubai Air Show in November 2015.
A Long-Term Partnership Now Exists Between AsiaSat + TV5MONDE
This new agreement also marks the service extension of TV5MONDE’s new lifestyle channel ‘TV5MONDE Style HD.’
NASA Extends Boeing's 'Biggie' $1.18 Billion Contract As Prime Contractor For The International Space Station
Boeing’s contract includes a task to assess the feasibility of extending the life of the station’s primary structural hardware even further, through the end of 2028.
Telenor Connexion Recruits A New Head Of Marketing ... She'll Strengthen The Brand Globally
“I believe that my experience from international companies with innovative products in emerging technology segments can be of great value in my new role..."
Network Surveillance Software From GL Communications Finds An Enhanced Purpose
“GL’s Network Surveillance Software is based on a uniform, scalable and flexible architecture."—Karthik Ramalingam, Senior Manager, Product Development, GL Communications.