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Recent South/Central America News
C-COM Delivers iNetVu Antennas to Speedcast for Deployment in Peru
These mobile VSAT antenna systems were purchased from C-COM by Speedcast and are being deployed in Peru to deliver securee...
Globalsat Group and Inmarsat's Goal Connect Brazil's Valec Railways from North to South with SATCOM Power
Globalsat Group submitted a proposal combining its technical deployment and management know how with the reach and reliability of Inmarsat’s...
Arianespace Does Some Heavy Lifting to Get Ready for the Upcoming Galileo Mission
which is one of two sea-going roll-on/roll-off ships that transport launcher hardware from Europe to the South American launch site for ...
Televisa Downsizes with Upgrades Enlisting UHP's Expertise to Their Voice and Data Network
solution reduced by a factor of 10 the physical size of the Televisa Hub infrastructure compared to the previously deployed competitor technologies.
DigitalGlobe's Satellites' Before and After Captures of Irma's Caribbean Havoc
Imaging in the Caribbean became possible over the weekend as the clouds moved out of the area. The before-and-after imagery below was captured between...
Kudos to Arianespace ... EUMETSAT Signs Them to Launch a Minimum of Two Metop-SG Satellites  
..."it also enables them, through this project to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet, which is one of the greatest challenges of our time.”
ILS' Proton-M Launches Amazonas 5 Bringing Better Entertainment to Central and South America
will be used for DTH, television distribution and other telecommunications applications in South America and Central America.
ILS' Proton is Ready to Launch Amazons 5 Communications Satellite
will be able to meet growing satellite capacity demand, mainly for satellite television platforms in Latin America and Brazil.
Arianespace's Report Regarding VA239's Anomaly and Subsequent Scrub of Launch
This anomaly led to an interruption of the automated lift-off sequence.
Arianespace Flight VA239 Scrubbed ... Anomaly in Final Seconds
Frustrating no doubt, but better that the anomaly occurred before the launch than after. 
Arianespace Completes Integration of Intelsat 37e and BSAT-4a for Ariane 5 Launch
During activity in Ariane 5’s Final Assembly Building, the upper payload component — containing Intelsat 37e, mounted on its SYLDA dispenser...
NanoAvionics Brings Smallsat Expertise to Argentina for EO Demo Mission ... then a Constellation
The smallsat will be launched during the first half of 2018 — the mission is regarded as a technology demonstration for a commercial constellation that...
SKY Brasil Deploys Harmonic's Electra X2 Solution
Harmonic's solution enables SKY Brasil to be a major stakeholder in the market and capitalize on revenue opportunities by differentiating itself...
Universiade Taipei 2017 Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies to be 4K UHD'd by Globecast
The signals, being broadcast in 4K UHD HEVC format, are available in Asia via AsiaSat 5, Europe via Eutelsat and North and South America via Intelsat 34...
 Advantech Wireless' Focus on Latin America with New VP of Sales
 they are very pleased to be able to combine their decades of long record of quality and support with Eduardo’s track record of success in the region.
Advantech Wireless Do Brasil Garners a New Director
Mr. Xavier has more than 25 years of experience in Management, International Business Development and Sales in the areas of...
Arianespace - Intelsat and SSL Satellites Being Prepped for VA239 Launch
The upcoming mission to geostationary transfer orbit is designated Flight VA239 in Arianespace’s numbering system, and will mark the 239th launch...
ETL Systems' Equipment has the Key to SES' Gateways
supplying a large amount of the RF hardware required for the six Ka-band and nine Ku-band gateways and ground stations located around the world.
Advantech Wireless Heads to Brazil's SET Expo Providing Ultra HD Ready Satellite Solutions 
higher performance and reliability combined with the smallest form factor and lowest power consumption on the market.
Space Systems Loral + HISPASAT - Amazonas 5's Safe Arrival for ILS Launch
Amazonas 5 possesses 34 Ka-band spot beams and 24 Ku-band transponders to be used for broadband Internet services, television...