Satnews Daily
February 18th, 2011

Invaluable Satellite Company Information... And There's No Charge!

4,700 Database Entries, compliments of SatNews Publishers!

SatNews Publishers announces the release of the online Satellite Industry Database, a digital tool designed for professionals that instantly and easily provides critical business information directly to you.

Packed with features, such as the ability to search within 32 industry categories, the database is comprehensive and offers a variety of highly useful information, from company personnel, contact information, business location to detailed organization descriptions.

"We decided to provide this online database at no cost to assist the industry in knowledge acquisition as well as to continue our commitment to provide an inclusive industry portal," said SatNews CEO and Founder, Silvano Payne.

In addition to viewing data on organizations, users may also submit corrections to the database using a simple email form. Updates to company listings are quickly reviewed by SatNews staff for accuracy and legitimacy.

"All corrections to our database are reviewed to ensure accuracy," said Silvano.

Currently, the online database contains information on more than 4,700 satellite industry organizations... and growing!