Satnews Daily
November 10th, 2014

Globecomm + Globecast Americas ...Common Goals Enable Expansion of Broadcast Media.. .Full Time Uplink of Multiplexed Carriers + More

[SatNews] "When you can work with a company that has the same type of goals you do, it is a win-win."                              

Globecomm announced it has expanded its broadcast media business with Globecast Americas to include the full time uplink of multiplexed carriers as well as a managed fiber network from its facilities in Maryland and New York. 

“We have been working with the Globecast Group for many years and are excited to enter into this strategic relationship with Globecast Americas.  When you can work with a company that has the same type of goals you do, it is a win-win” commented Andy Silberstein, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Solutions. 

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GCAm Eddie Ferraro looks forward to the opportunity to work directly with Globecomm.  “We are extremely excited about the partnership we’ve established with Globecomm. Their flexibility in working with our stringent requirements, their brand recognition in the satellite industry and their footprint in the North East United States all were key elements in our decision to partner with them”.

Globecomm provides managed services that move content from origination, or any other point, to wherever it needs to be delivered and includes a host of valued added services in between; including processing, storage and monitoring.  Our true “contribution to distribution” model allows us to seamlessly distribute client video broadcasts on our global network and deliver it to its final destination, or destinations. Meet with Globecomm at Satcon 2014 Booth 625. Contact