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Current Satellite News
November 10th, 2014
Copernicus Program Implementation Agreement Signed By Directors Ratier + Brunet
The aim is to provide space data and operational support to Copernicus marine, atmospheric and climate services.
A Dynamic Jabiru-1 Move By NewSat With GMV
"This contract with GMV represents a further milestone in the ground system implementation to support the Jabiru-1 mission."
SASy Moves Completed By Inmarsat
“This is an important milestone as we continue to move full speed ahead with the GX program."
Getting Checked Out B4 Final Push Off
For the upcoming launch, GSAT-16 will be joined by its co-passenger, DIRECTV-14.
Space X's Elon Musk Takes It Up a Notch...Maybe... Investing in Small Sats for Global Internet
It's interesting to learn of people with projects and plans, and then see if they fail or fly.
This Delta IV Launch Vehicle's Seafaring Days
"The Delta rocket travels by boat because it's too large to be transported any other way."
iDirect Takes a Hike... Ends Up with a VSAT on Top of Mount Everest
...enabling reliable communications amid harsh conditions, which include the combination of extreme cold, moisture, high winds and icing conditions. 
The Enemy: Ebola—SES Delivers Broadcasts To Educate Populace
"Many people do not understand this disease and therefore, tragically, do not seek the medical care they need."
High-Flying Content—FlightPath3D Moving Map Selected
This moving map service from Betria Interactive has been selected for inflight wireless solutions.
What's The Big Deal Regarding Stratospheric Hydrogen Chloride? Canada's SCISAT Reveals All...
SCISAT has become internationally known as the satellite that provides measurements of more than 40 atmospheric constituents.
Continent Capacity Increases For KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband Network In South America
Key markets in Brazil receive boosted coverage and improved performance...
Airbus Licking Their CHEOPS Over Becoming Exoplanet Prime
Becoming the CHEOPS prime for the ESA's scientific program...
Sub-Saharan African Footprint Capacity Obtained By Crystal TV For SatBroadcasting™
"This is the moment Ghana and Africa have been waiting for—to challenge ourselves as we embrace the future."
Helping African Nations Communicate During Chaos + Destruction
From the base operations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, one General said, “These systems are like gold out in the field.”
Countering Comms Challenges Is Gilat's Demo Plan For AfricaCom 2014
“We also intend to prove that existing cellular coverage can be expanded via satellite..."
Globecomm + Globecast Americas ...Common Goals Enable Expansion of Broadcast Media.. .Full Time Uplink of Multiplexed Carriers + More
When you can work with a company that has the same type of goals you do, it is a win-win
Oorah! As Marines Celebrate Their 239th Birthday
A message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps
Telenor Satellite Broadcasting Tunes In With Intellian v-Series antennas for THOR 7 
..."[the Company] has played a pivotal role in changing the industry’s perception of VSAT as a viable and convenient communications solution."
Prep Already Underway For BroadcastAsia2015
“There is continuous interest in the broadcast industry especially in the areas of OTT, second screen, non-linear broadcasting and social media..."
Harris' Newest Addition... Engineering Facility in Florida Brings New Jobs That Help Militaries
...its commitment to develop advanced software for tactical radios used by the U.S. military as well as militaries and public safety officials around the world.