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February 8th, 2018

Lockheed Martin's 'Open Space' Releases Satellites' Secret Specifications ... Objective is for New Ideas

The big news is that Lockheed Martin is sharing something that, until now, has not been openly available for all to know. The fact is that Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) has publicly released specifications for its satellite platforms with their new satellite innovation initiative called Lockheed Martin Open Space. Of course there's a 'method to their madness', and that is to offer new  opportunities for collaboration to companies aspiring to send innovative technologies to space.

Building on expertise from the more than 800 satellites Lockheed Martin has produced, and as part of a new satellite innovation initiative called Lockheed Martin Open Space, the company is publishing technical details about the payload accommodation information for its flagship LM 2100 satellite platform, its LM 400 small satellite, and two variants of its new LM 50 nanosat series. The popular LM 2100 is the foundation for more than 40 satellites in orbit today, including weather, missile warning and commercial communications satellites. The LM 400 is a reconfigurable bus that can go to LEO and GEO orbits and can be delivered as quickly as 24 months from order. The LM 50 is a small but powerful satellite series that can host a wide array of remote sensing, communications and scientific payloads.

Recently, Lockheed Martin in Silicon Valley extended an invitation to start-ups, researchers and established companies to propose technologies that could help solve some of today’s most pressing challenges in space. With numerous launches and hosted payload slots on the docket, the company is looking to collaborate with a new generation of companies to find opportunities to put innovations in orbit and beyond.

Rick Ambrose, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space said their goal with Lockheed Martin Open Space is twofold: first, to help more companies and innovators do amazing things in space, and second, to create new avenues for collaboration so they can move faster to tackle their customers’ most pressing challenges. They’re not just offering launch slots, they’re ready to help new companies integrate their groundbreaking technologies with powerful satellite platforms. They believe there’s significant untapped potential out there waiting to be unleashed.

The company is looking for non-proprietary technologies that will help protect, connect and inspire the world. Potential applications include helping first responders address crises faster, studying the environment, creating ultra-high-capacity communications links and adapting low-cost commercial technology to the punishing environments of space.

Interested companies or individuals can download the payload accommodation specifications at www.lockheedmartin.com/openspace and submit their concepts online. The submission page will be open from now through May 11. A team of Lockheed Martin experts will review each submission and follow up to discuss opportunities and provide feedback to submitters.

Ambrose continued that they’re ready to explore and collaborate on new opportunities, and they’re challenging the best and brightest to join them. Space isn’t just a place to go. It’s a place to do. So let’s get new innovators plugged in to tomorrow’s space opportunities. Let’s collaborate on the country’s toughest challenges. Let’s do great things in space together.