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Current Satellite News
February 8th, 2018
Viasat's IFEC System Heading Into United Airlines Aircraft
Viasat will serve as the direct in-flight internet service provider to United, deploying its most advanced IFEC system, in order to provide United customers access...
China Preparing to Launch Two Beidou Satellites
The satellites will be the 28th and 29th for the Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), which is China's version of the...
Lockheed Martin's 'Open Space' Releases Satellites' Secret Specifications ... Objective is for New Ideas
"Space isn’t just a place to go. It’s a place to do. So let’s get new innovators plugged in to tomorrow’s space opportunities."
Maxar Technologies Presents Innovative Solutions at the SmallSat Symposium
In the keynote address, on the tradeshow floor and in conference sessions, Maxar companies showed how they are applying new technologies and...
NOAA Isn't Just for Weather ... NOAA Saved a Lot of Lives Last Year
a sailboat with two people onboard caught on fire several hundred miles off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Luckily for the crew, a NOAA satellite ...
Successful Seed Funding Infuses Kleo Space and their In-Space Manufacturing Projects
Kleos Space’s proprietary in-space manufacturing technology enables the deployment of very large structures in space. The company aims to...
South Korea ... to the Moon by 2030
In the past, the country has mostly been busy with narrowing a technology gap with powerhouses such as the United States and ...
WTA's Annual Rankings Reveal ViaLite Scores Seven Out of Seven 
The results show that ViaLite also supplied several of the operators in the Association’s Independent Top Twenty category,
IGEN Network's Nimbo Tracking Certified for Sprint's IoT Platform
Nimbo Tracking provides robust wireless M2M solutions that specialize in providing integrated GPS tracking and vehicle warning solutions for various...
ETL Systems to Demo GRIFFIN Switch and StingRay VSAT System at DC Show
The company's Griffin Redundancy Switch can be used for both uplink and downlink applications and can handle RF and ASI signal types. The switch...
Thuraya to Fly its Airborne SATCOM, Thuraya Aero, at Singapore Airshow 2018
continued connectivity for SIT as they gather hi-res footage for TV networks, meanwhile helping them lower operational costs considerably
Russia Goes Heavy ... Will Build Compound for Super-Heavy Rocket at Vostochny Spaceport
"The Energiya Corporation has been designated as the chief developer of the space rocket compound for a super-heavy carrier rocket,"