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October 23rd, 2014

SpaceQuest Signs with MISHAAL Aerospace...One Makes 'em the Other Launches 'em When They're Ready 

[SatNews] ...the objective is to provide a turn-key, and cost-effective, approach to space access making it more common place and accessible.

MISHAAL Aerospace Corporation,  Miami-based launch vehicle provider for small satellites, announced that SpaceQuest Ltd., signed a Letter of Intent for launch of their satellites once MISHAAL Aerospace’s M-OV, Orbital Vehicle, is ready. 

SpaceQuest has successfully built and flown 18 satellites on 9 launch campaigns in the last 20 years. Our microsatellite bus has flown 15 times for academic, commercial, and government customers. We even own a few ourselves!

The Letter of Intent highlights SpaceQuest’s satellites launch requirements and the minimum payload intended for launch. This letter of Intent also paves the way to enter into negotiations once the M-OV is ready for commercialization and launch. 

“We are very happy and excited to do business with SpaceQuest and look forward to launching their satellites in the near future” said Mishaal Ashemimry, CEO of MISHAAL Aerospace. Dr. Dino Lorenzini, CEO and Chairman for SpaceQuest concurred and stated, “I am pleased to sign a letter of Intent to use the Mishaal Aerospace launch vehicle when it is available for commercial use.”

Founded in 2010, MISHAAL Aerospace specializes in launch vehicle development to send small satellites (<=500 kg) to Low Earth Orbit. The company designs, develops and launches its own line of rockets, the M-Rocket, which is the first generation of cost-effective dedicated small satellite launch vehicles. The M-Rocket serves the broad applications of small satellites for clients from government, research, commercial aerospace and telecommunication industries. MISHAAL Aerospace’s objective is to provide a turn-key, and cost-effective, approach to space access making it more common place and accessible.  For more information visit www.mishaalaerospace.com

Founded in 1994, SpaceQuest, Ltd. is a provider of advanced satellite technologies for government, university and commercial entities, and  specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of spacecraft, as well as space and ground components for operation with low-Earth orbiting satellites. SpaceQuest, Ltd is a privately held company with headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Visit www.spacequest.com for more information.