Satnews Daily
February 25th, 2020

Satellite Mediaport Services Teleport ... They've Got EUTELSAT 8 West B Satellite's Back

The largest independent teleport in the United Kingdom, Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. (SMS Teleport), will provide back-up teleport-based broadcast satellite services for its EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite. 

SMS Teleport will be attending Eutelsat's needs with 24/7/365 redundant teleport services from its Rugby, UK teleport. Connected via a diverse fiber linkup to Eutelsat’s Paris-Rambouillet teleport, which provides the principal uplink to EUTELSAT 8 West B, the two teleports are reliably ensuring superior quality broadcasts from the satellite across the Middle East and North Africa. 

Satellite Mediaport Services Ltd. is the largest independent teleport in the United Kingdom, with more than 40 Earth stations spread over six acres of beautiful landscape in the English countryside as shown in the photo above. 

The recently upgraded teleport contains a comprehensive set of the latest communication technologies, operated through a modern setup of network operations and management facilities, with a global reach to the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa and with a line of sight to more than 100 satellites.

Zvi Golod, SMS Teleport’s CEO commented that their solution for Eutelsat combines numerous elements of their extensive teleport capabilities, to offer Eutelsat the best possible services. SMS Teleport is proud to be a contributing factor in Eutelsat’s ongoing success, they look forward to working on further projects together.

From its orbital position, EUTELSAT’s 8 West B satellite provides the 8 degrees West video neighborhood with its broadcast needs. As one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the global satellite TV market, reaching over 90 percent of TV homes in the region, the satellite offers powerful signals for the region’s broadcasters. Eutelsat has a fleet of 37 satellites serving broadcasters, video service providers, telecom operators, ISPs and government agencies operating across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.