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July 17th, 2017

CSF Welcomes Two — the Resurrected National Space Council and Scott Pace the Executive Secretary 

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is extending congratulations to this organization and its members who are laying the foundation for a sustainable space economy and democratizing access to space for scientists, students, civilians, and businesses. 

The White House appointed Scott Pace executive secretary of the revived National Space Council Credit: NASA

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation congratulates Scott Pace on his appointment as Executive Secretary of the newly revived National Space Council.

CSF President, Eric Stallmer said that he has had the pleasure of working with Scott for many years, and looks forward to continuing to do so following his appointment. 

CSF members are responsible for the creation of thousands of high-tech jobs driven by billions of dollars in investment. Through the promotion of technology innovation, CSF is guiding the expansion of Earth's economic sphere, bolstering U.S. leadership in aerospace, and inspiring America's next generation of engineers and explorers.  

CSF board chair, Dr. Alan Stern commented that Scott is a leader who will serve the National Space Council well. They look forward to working closely with Scott and the rest of the NSC to advance the United States space enterprise by leveraging the U.S. commercial space industry's vision, investment, and innovation.

Last month President Trump resurrected, from 1990s the disbanded National Space Council, and commented that the NSC will help steer and streamline American space policy. Vice President Mike Pence will chair the organization that consists of a number of high-ranking officials, including the head of NASA, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretaries of state, defense, commerce and transportation, among others.