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July 17th, 2017
Taiwan - FORMOSAT-5 Ships to Vandenberg AFB for SpaceX Launch
This is the first remote sensing satellite designed, manufactured, and controlled by the NSPO and domestic teams and the satellite succeeds...
ASTROSCALE's Satellite is a Kind of Magnetic Garbage Can
"Space is filled with trash, and if things continue as they have, space exploration will no longer be sustainable."
Norway's Microsatellites Report Back as Healthy ... Built by Space Flight Laboratory
NORsat-2 will be the first satellite to provide VDE services to Norway.
Russia's Record ... Launches 72 Small Satellites
Russia has never launched such a large number of satellites simultaneously. 
JAXA Plays Ball on the ISS With Int-Ball Drone Camera 
It's the first camera drone that can record video while moving in space under remote control from the ground. 
ESA's Sentinel-2B Reveals Mount Vesuvius Erupting With Wildfires
This huge plume of smoke led some to believe that Vesuvius was erupting again.
Scrap Dealer's Discovery in Dead Engineer's Basement ... NASA's Apollo-Era Computers, Pioneer Tapes and More
Most of the tapes are unmarked, but the majority of the rest appear to be instrumentation reels for Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, NASA’s fly-by
Quantum Satellite Able to Do What All Never Thought Possible — Teleportation
In both cases, this was the first time these functions were performed in space and, therefore, represent a step toward quantum communications...
New Horizons Amazes With Flyover Video of Pluto
In recognition of the two-year anniversary of New Horizons' Pluto flyby, NASA also revealed a stunning ...
Maritime Information Warfare Conference from SMi Set for London this December
This exclusive military event will focus on the growing need for navies to develop their information exploitation capabilities.
Hola! Hurricane Fernanda as NASA’s Terra Satellite Takes a Close Up
additional strengthening is anticipated during the next 48 hours, and Fernanda is likely to become a major hurricane later today.
SpacePath On a Unique Path ... Intelligent Hot Swappable Frequency Converters 
a hot swappable 1:1 system design enables service providers to replace a faulty satellite frequency converter without interrupting the service.
ETL Systems + General Dynamics Mission Systems - Getting Together for MGAS
The MGAS anchor stations — located at three sites across Canada — will communicate with the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite...
NASA - TDRS-M Antenna Circumstance
Incident evaluation is underway by NASA and Boeing, the manufacturer of the satellite.
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) - Seeking Additional Space Launch Hardware Suppliers
The pace of Indian space launches is heating up and the ISRO has started scouting for additional manufacturers for most of their launch vehicle hardware...
Globecast - On the IBC2017 Show Floor...
The company provides content acquisition, management and distribution services across the globe and has created the number one global satellite...
Signalhorn Services 38 Fred Pfennings Locations in Germany
Signalhorn's goal with their Xtend services is to extend the company’s VPN to multiple different service locations via a secure connection.
Airbus Foundation and THAI's Goodwill Mission ... School Supplies to Kids in Areas of Conflict 
Providing school supplies for students in areas of conflict is something most people have never had to contend with, but it's a very real fact and
CSF Welcomes Two — the Resurrected National Space Council and Scott Pace the Executive Secretary 
the organization consists of the head of NASA, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretaries of state, defense, commerce and ... 
ASTROSCALE Cleans Up ... Raises $25 Million in Series C Funding With Goal to Clean Up Space 
Approximately 750,000 space debris objects over one centimeter in diameter exist in space, threatening satellites and spacecraft that orbit the Earth.
Interra Systems - On the IBC2017 Show Floor...
Widely adopted and trusted by operators in the global broadcast, satellite, cable, telco, IPTV, Over-The-Top (OTT) and post-production markets...
Full Spectrum — The IEEE 802.16 Wireless Standard for the Industrial Internet Applauded
Full Spectrum served as an active participant in the creation of the standard, contributing key portions of its wireless technology portfolio to be...