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June 12th, 2018

Thuraya on the Defensive Displays Military and Government Satellite Technology Solutions at Eurosatory Defense Exhibition

According to the Director of Market Development, Government and NGO, Fahad Kahoor, of Thuraya, said that Eurosatory is a vital event for those working in the defense and security arena and specifically in the European market which is one of their priority markets. The portfolio they’re showcasing is a combination of mission-critical, purpose-built products and solutions that meet key sector requirements. And Thuraya's presence will include many solutions that benefit government and defense personnel and their needs.

THURAYA AERO MilitaryComms Thuraya Aero brings a robust solution to military missions in surveillance, special ops, border protection and more by enabling distant aircraftsto stay in constant touch with headquarters via satellite communication. 

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a provider of mobile satellite services, is showcasing its latest solutions and products at this year’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris on display in Hall 5A– B790.  Thuraya's senior officials will answer questions on Thuraya’s defense portfolio that includes the recently launched Thuraya Aero and Thuraya tracking and monitoring service and terminal.

 Thuraya Aero MilitaryComms brings a robust solution to military missions in surveillance, special ops, border protection and more by enabling distant aircrafts to stay in constant touch with headquarters via satellite communication. Pilots, crew, troops, commanders, generals and other military personnel can now send and receive real-time support, instructions and information through the same military IP network and secure VPN used at headquarters. Developed as an in-flight communications system, it supports steady Internet access, voice calls, text messaging, and real-time, secure data link communication, high-speed data applications such as video streaming for ISR & SAR missions, on board small to medium-sized planes, as well as rotary wing aircraft.

Thuraya's products are particularly suited to the government and military sector, including a growing suite of rugged, compact terminals that are innovative, easy to install and maintain, and are simple to set-up for LAN or wireless connectivity. They are fast, lightweight, compact, easily deployed, highly flexible and interoperable for all operations. Government and defense users can benefit greatly from the purpose built Thuraya IP Commander or the Thuraya IP Voyager or Thuraya MCD Voyager among others.

Thuraya’s M2M portfolio is also well suited for government customers.  The Thuraya T2M-DUAL terminal is a mobile, dual-mode device for superior machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and remote asset tracking and monitoring. It ensures the safety of assets by allowing the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points including location information, data from external sensors and peripheral devices, and input gathered from vehicle or heavy equipment CANBus. 

It is designed to allow for the integration of any third-party applications and has several built-in smart features such as geo-fencing, network selection based on least cost routing and internal battery backup. The service supports on-the-move M2M/IoT applications seamlessly on satellite and GSM networks, allowing for optimized connectivity based on the best available network, and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Kahoor said that their defense portfolio was developed to meet the needs and requirements of military and defense operators, and that they are currently pitching T2M to the government sector, because its unique features can assist them in remotely managing and securing their assets.