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July 29th, 2019

Spacecom’s Strategic Milestone ... Launch of AMOS-17 Designed to Meet Africa's Communication Needs

Israel will be launching a strategic milestone in just a few days that is an important step for the nation to continue its presence in space. The satellite, AMOS-17, is built by Boeing, planned and designed by Spacecom to serve Africa’s expanding communication needs and connect to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, today announced that AMOS-17, its newest satellite, is scheduled to be launched on August 3rd 2019 (late evening EST) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to the 17 degrees East orbital position. From this orbital position, it will primarily serve sub-Saharan Africa and connect to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

AMOS-17 satellite at Boeing. Here the AMOS-17 satellite is in the final stages of its prelaunch preparation.

AMOS-17 will be launched by a SpaceX Falcon-9 vehicle. By selecting two leading innovative space industry firms and their technologies, Spacecom obtains a unique satellite with a 20-year lifetime in space. AMOS-17 augments the company’s status as an innovative international satellite services operator. AMOS-17 boosts Spacecom’s capabilities to support communication users with advanced Turn Key Solutions including, among others: designing communication networks, deploying ground station and broadcast facilities, long-distance facility management and providing a full array of support services. 

AMOS-17 is the only digital HTS (High Throughput Satellite) specifically designed to offer mobile operators and telecom service providers a distinct economically and operationally viable answer to meet African consumer needs. Because Africa’s growing population includes many rural and outlying residents (low-density population areas), the economic justification for investing in ground telecom infrastructure projects by operators is greatly reduced. However, by utilizing AMOS-17’s advanced digital technologies, service providers will be able to offer an expansive array of services quickly, highly efficiently and at low cost to these populations.

Spacecom has deep knowledge of Africa with years of experience working with African governments and commercial enterprises such as in internet, data, video and broadcast. Today, via the AMOS-7 and AMOS-4 satellites, the company provides a range of services. Together with AMOS-17, more clients will be able to enjoy a fuller range of packages from the three satellites. According to sources, by 2025 Africa will have over 1.5 billion residents with the largest amount of young people in the world, all of whom will have an accelerating appetite for communication services and will be in need of proper connectivity infrastructure. 

AMOS-17’s launch represents important global cooperation and the application of innovative technologies for the creation of new services to the world’s fastest growing continent. AMOS-17 is an important milestone for Israel’s space industry and the fulfillment of Spacecom’s vision towards filling space with advanced satellites to provide a wide range of answers to countries and enterprises throughout the globe.

Spacecom has a sales backlog of US$ 58 million for communications services to the African market by AMOS-17 and for other services and believes that following the satellite’s launch, more clients will sign future large deals.  

AMOS-17’s unique design and embedded technologies coupled with its prime orbital position over Africa enable the satellite to cover an entire country by a single beam to provide high capacity and highest service levels quickly, efficiently and at low cost. This includes high availability services for governments and telecom operators, broadcasting content to millions of viewers, broadband data services via smaller terminals and utilizing a combination of Ka-, Ku- and C-Band frequencies as needed by each client, and more.

Spacecom CEO and president, David Pollack stated Spacecom has long been the pioneering leader in providing international satellite communication services in Israel and worldwide. AMOS-17’s launch is a meaningful and strategic milestone that boosts Israel’s continued presence in space and their corporate growth.

He continued that AMOS-17 is a project with forward-looking technologies and provides a significant boost for their satellite fleet’s capacity, operational flexibility, expansion to more regions and technological superiority. Providing unique Turn Key Solutions for a range of uses will provide their customers with key competitive advantages and expand their partners and Spacecom’s corporate opportunities in the years to come.