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June 17th, 2014

BREAKING NEWS...Just In From Siemens Convergence Creators...Makes Peace... Provides Satellite Interference Mitigation

[SatNews] The Company is launching their latest interference mitigation solution that allows precise interference localization with just one satellite.

Christian Hausleitner, Senior Systems Engineer, and Hans Martin Steiner, Vice President Space.

Siemens Convergence Creators today announced the world-wide market launch of SIECAMS® ILS ONE. This latest interference mitigation solution puts next-generation geolocation at the fingertips of satellite operators right now. It overcomes the limitations and complexity of existing interference localization tools and is an ideal solution for the reliable operation of satellites, regardless of their distance to adjacent satellites.

While existing satellite geolocation systems require at least two geostationary satellites in close proximity to each other in order to obtain sufficient crosstalk for reliable geolocation signal processing, Siemens CVC go beyond this limitation with its latest development. The brand-new one-satellite geolocation solution SIECAMS® ILS ONE provides reliable localization of interference signals without the need for an adjacent satellite. SIECAMS® ILS ONE blends seamlessly with Siemens’ proven SIECAMS® CMS (carrier monitoring system) without requiring any additional hardware. Learn more here.

For operators SIECAMS® ILS ONE offers a new method to minimize the number of unresolved interference issues by providing an unmatched precision that allows a quick localization of the interference transmitter station with one single satellite.

SIECAMS® - Satellite carrier monitoring

SIECAMS® provides satellite carrier monitoring and interference localization enabling the identification of interference and manage carriers in one comprehensive system to ensure satellite communication. Its modular architecture can be customized to integrate with an existing infrastructure. SIECAMS® enables the identification and localization of satellite interferences in one single solution with one intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allowing quick measures to arising problems. SIECAMS® has also been enhanced with Carrier ID Functionality. It is the first Carrier Monitoring System which supports both Carrier ID types: the NIT-CID and the Meta Carrier DVB

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