Satnews Daily
February 22nd, 2016

GVF 811: Carrier ID Principles and Operation Training Course Released

[Satnews] GVF announces the release of the training course GVF 811 Carrier ID Principles and Operation. Developed by SatProf in collaboration with IRG, the course covers the background, operation, and practical aspects of Carrier Identification, an important tool for mitigating interference. It covers the technologies used for Carrier ID, from analog ATIS through the modern ETSI-standard DVB-CID system.

Real-time simulators illustrate the operation of the DVB-CID main carrier and spread-spectrum ID subcarrier. The course includes CID operation from both the uplinker and satellite operator perspectives, and includes a complete beginning-to-end description of how satellite operators and the Space Data Association (SDA) work together to solve interference events. This course is important for uplinkers, system engineers, integrators of SNG, video, teleport, and VSAT hub stations, as well as satellite operations center technicians and engineers. You can find a short tour of the course on the GVF YouTube channel

GVF 811 is included in the GVF Training subscription program: any students subscribing individually or as part of a company/group site license are eligible for enrollment immediately at no additional charge. 

GVF also just announced a new technical conference, Applied Innovation in Satellite Communications, which will feature peer-reviewed engineering papers presented in a round-table format. The first conference will be in October in Washington. Abstracts are now being accepted. For more information, contact