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February 22nd, 2016
An Arianespace FAB Day For EUTELSAT 65 West
EUTELSAT 65 West A will be 31st satellite launched by Arianespace for the Paris, France-based Eutelsat.
ESOC's Launch + Early Operations Of Sentinel-3A Are A-OK, Now EUMETSAT Preps For In-Orbit Commissioning
The operations ramp-up phase will then run for another nine months, during which EUMETSAT will progressively increase the capacity of its Marine Center up to the level required for routine operations.
Smallsats Venture Brings DigitalGlobe, TAQNIA + KACST Together
DigitalGlobe and TAQNIA and KACST signed an agreement on February 21, 2016, to form a joint venture that will be responsible for developing six or more sub-meter resolution imaging satellites.
How A NASA Team Morphed A Smartphone Into A Smallsat... + Created A New Business Building Doves
By September 2013, a NASA team originally led by Boshuizen and Marshall successfully launched its first PhoneSats into Low Earth Orbit at a cost of just $7,000 each.
SPOT On... Three Decades Of EO Success
Since the SPOT 1 launch 30 years ago, SPOT satellites have covered the land area of the Earth more than 700 times, setting a world record for spatial observation.
JAXA's X-Ray ASTRO-H Satellite Is Sunny Side Up... Solar Array Paddles Deployment + Birth Of A Dragon
The rocket flew smoothly, and, at about 14 minutes after liftoff, “ASTRO-H” was separated from the H-IIA F30.
Channel Colleagues — Airbus Defence & Space + ST Electronics
Airbus Defence and Space can offer daily coverage worldwide as well as weather-independent acquisitions, at a variety of resolutions.
The "Always Up Satellite Terminal" Debuts From Integrasys
This automated tool, which combines traditional equipment management with spectrum monitoring and measurement in a unique way.
Inmarsat Into IoT With Actility
This partnership combines Inmarsat’s global connectivity with Actility’s ThingPark™ IoT management platform.
GVF 811: Carrier ID Principles and Operation Training Course Released
Real-time simulators illustrate the operation of the DVB-CID main carrier and spread-spectrum ID subcarrier.
5G Is The Way To Go For Mobile Nets, According To SES
SES actively promotes satellite as an essential building block for a global, profitable and inclusive 5G deployment.
WTA Announces Finalists For The 2016 Teleport Awards For Excellence
“Our finalists represent the leading edge of the business-to-business transmission industry.”
Cobham SATCOM Shifts Focus To New Generation Satcom @ BVE 2016
The EXPLORER 3075 series comes in two variants; a KA-SAT version for EutelSat NewsSpotter and the latest model configured specifically for...
C-COM OK’d For Northern Canada Deployment
This development will provide mobile customers in Canada’s north the capability to deploy the C-COM manufactured iNetVu® Auto-Deployable VSAT solution.
Kratos Restructures... Consolidates Modular System Division Facilities...
"We anxiously look forward to the day when we can welcome our Charleston employees back to CMCI.”
Tying IoT Up Together — CLX Communications + Wirefast...
CLX has now made its IoT Connectivity service available for a wider group of customers.