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March 2nd, 2020

Forrester Reports: A Dismayed Telesat

Chris Forrester

Ottawa, Canada, -based Telesat’s CEO Dan Goldberg has met with senior figures at the FCC to express the firm's dismay that fellow CBA member Intelsat “would now – after a fundamental framework had been agreed upon among the CBA members and the Commission as reflected in the Draft Order – turn on the CBA and the Commission in an attempt to unjustly capture a greater share of the accelerated relocation payments.”

In journalist Chris Forrester's report at Advanced Television, Goldberg said that Telesat would support the FCC’s Draft Order for the auction and reallocation of satellite spectrum and would clear its portion of the C-band in a timely fashion.

Goldberg urged the FCC to hold fast to the core elements of the Draft Order and to not be swayed by Intelsat’s last-minute campaign to extract additional accelerated relocation payments. He made clear that, unlike Intelsat, Telesat is not requesting changes to the splits for the accelerated relocation payments reflected in the Draft Order.

The FCC will vote on its Draft Proposals on February 28th.