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January 9th, 2017

Siemens' SIECAMS® Satellite Geolocation Service Identifies Pesky Interference

SIECAMS® Satellite monitoring and geolocation system

A novel global approach for the world of SATCOM has been instituted, as announced by Siemens Convergence Creators.

This new Satellite Geolocation Service enables satellite and service operators to localize satellite signal interference worldwide, with high success rates, and no upfront infrastructure or personnel costs. Until now, satellite operators had to invest in geolocation tools and personnel training in order to identify, locate and reduce or eliminate sources of interference avoiding potential damage claims and the risk of losing customers. Yet locating the origin of an interference can extend over months. 

When satellite interference occurs, it can be devastating to end-users, whether in homes, businesses, or governments. The interference undermines the integrity of satellite communication and compromises the most important feature of communication satellites—secure and reliable communication that is independent of the constraints of ground-based data highways. For satellite operators, the ability to rapidly identify and mitigate interference, intentional or not, is crucial to protecting the core functionality of their most valuable assets. The Service's support of frequency bands includes L-, S- Ku-, and Ka-band.

With Siemens Convergence Creators' new Satellite Geolocation Service, operators access SIECAMS® toolbox for interference localization, and they have interaction with trained personnel. Siemens Convergence Creators offers the services with no need for upfront investments in operating costs for infrastructure and staff. The problem is approached when the client provides very basic information about the affected satellite and transponders that begins the Satellite Geolocation Service. The localization of satellite interference works worldwide, because Siemens Convergence Creators' Satellite Geolocation Service offers coverage of almost the entire Earth's inhabited landmass.

Hans Martin Steiner, Head of Space Business Unit, Siemens Convergence Creators stated, "With our new Satellite Geolocation Service, satellite and service operators of all sizes can take advantage of the latest comprehensive satellite interference localization technology. Making available the immediate benefits of our complete SIECAMS toolset without the necessity to significantly invest into infrastructure and personnel first is another essential step in our quest to minimize the impact of satellite interference worldwide." http://www.convergence-creators.siemens.com/satellite-geolocation-service-roll-out.html