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December 15th, 2014

SES Check Off To Do List...Czech + Slovakian Public TV Tests Ultra HD Content 

[SatNews] “Having produced and broadcast all our shows in HD, RTVS is keen to remain the trendsetter in Ultra HD broadcasting..."

SES S.A. (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), Ceska Televize (CT), RTVS and Ceske Radiokomunikace announced today that they will begin test broadcasts of Ultra HD content via SES’s ASTRA 3B satellite.

Ceska Televize

The Czech Republic public TV provider CT and Slovakian public broadcaster RTVS, in cooperation with leading Czech provider of digital infrastructure Ceske Radiokomunikace, are spearheading the first Ultra HD broadcast trial via ASTRA 3B at the orbital slot of 23.5 degrees East. 

CT, RTVS, Ceske Radiokomunikace and other leading companies from the broadcasting industry in Czech Republic and Slovakia are part of the Ultra HDTV Forum. Formed in October 2013, the Forum’s primary task is to look at the production and distribution of Ultra HD content in Czech Republic and Slovakia. SES has recently become a member of the Ultra HDTV Forum. 

“SES has been at the forefront of new broadcasting technologies since the arrival of digital DTH in Europe in 1996 and HDTV in 2005. We are committed to working with industry partners in developing the Ultra HD ecosystem and are delighted that the public broadcasters of Slovakia and the Czech Republic are keen to deliver an incredible and immersive viewing experience via satellite,” said Norbert Hölzle, Senior Vice President of Europe, Commercial at SES. 

“Ceska Televize believes that the adoption of Ultra HD will be much faster than HD and is eager to make sure it arrives soon in the Czech Republic.  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with SES to conduct these Ultra HD test broadcasts and to work closely with SES following their new member status in the Ultra HD TV Forum,” said Ivo Ferkl, Chief Technical Officer at Ceska Televize. 

“Having produced and broadcast all our shows in HD, RTVS is keen to remain the trendsetter in Ultra HD broadcasting and to position ourselves as a leader in technical innovation. As a first step, we will be offering our Ultra HD content on the ASTRA satellite, together with our partners,” said Václav Mika, Director General at RTVS. 

“Ceske Radiokomunikace is pleased to be working with strategic industry partners --  Czech and Slovakian public broadcasters and SES – to develop the Ultra HD ecosystem and to play a role in defining the TV landscape of the future,” said Martin Gebauer, CEO, at Ceske Radiokomunikace. 

Parameters for the reception of the free-to-air Ultra HD broadcast trial demo channel: 

Astra 3B @23.5 East 
Transponder 3.204 
11,778.050 MHz 
Vertical polarization 
27.5 Mbit/s 
FEC 9/10 
Service ID: 5390 
Service Name: Test UHD Forum