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Current Satellite News
December 15th, 2014
India's ISRO... 2015 Will Be Busy, Busy, Busy... 4 + 5= 9 Launches
... with the two engines carrying a giant cup cake-like crew module.
New Lockheed Martin Project Is To Improve Warfighters' Comms With MUOS
“Lockheed Martin’s goal with the TRAF is to help terminal developers and application integrators get MUOS’ capabilities deployed to the warfighter as quickly as possible.”—Glenn Ladue, MUOS TRAF manager.
U.K. Space Agency Plonking Pounds Down Into Europe's Space Program
"Our investment at this ESA Ministerial is targeted towards a smart mix of commercial opportunity and inspiring exploration."—Dr. David Parker, Chief Executive of the U.K. Space Agency.
Moog Assists With NROL-35's Ascent + Positioning
he ULA Atlas V 541 rocket that carried the National Reconnaissance Office satellite into space includes several items supported by Moog.
Satellite Storage Demands Now A U.S. Government Accountability Office Study
DOD spent over $130 million for satellite storage over the last 5 years and is expected to spend over $206 million over the next 5 years.
Lockheed Martin To Bring More Resources To Alaska Aerospace Launch Ops
“Athena and Alaska are ideal for sun-synchronous orbit missions like Earth imaging and remote sensing..."—Steve Skladanek, president of Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services (LMCLS).
James Webb Space Telescope...GAO Is Number Crunching For Most Complex + Expensive Projects
...delays have occurred on every element and major subsystem schedule—especially with the cryocooler—leaving all at risk of...
Space Start-Up Incubations Planned By Space-Nest.
"An appropriate framework will enable small, innovative companies with strong teams to develop emerging technologies into commercialized products."—Ofer Lapid, Co-Founder, Space-Nest.
SES Check Off To Do List...Czech + Slovakian Public TV Tests Ultra HD Content 
“Having produced and broadcast all our shows in HD, RTVS is keen to remain the trendsetter in Ultra HD broadcasting..."
ESA's Planck Satellite... Captures Beautiful Dust That Creates Stunning Image
Unlike the unwelcome dust bunnies found under beds, this Galaxy's beautiful dust takes your breath away.
EURO World Network + World Media International's IPTV Technology... Do It Yourself w/BYO TV + No Hassle 
The highest quality content will be king in this environment.
Space Tech Expo + Conference 2015...Take A Sneak Peek + Catch The Early Bird Special                                                                                                                                            
conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing the military, commercial, and government space sectors