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March 14th, 2013

RFI-EUI Provide SNG Operator Certification Because It’s Not Nice To Interfere

[SatNews] The situation will only continue to get worse unless those creating the issues are educated in how to reduce the problems.

The Radio Frequency Interference—End Users Initiative (RFI-EUI) and the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) today, with support and commitment to the program from the World Broadcasting Unions—International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) and the satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG), announced the launch of a two-prong effort to improve the quality of satellite newsgathering services worldwide.

RFI-EUI, an international association of broadcasters, together with GVF and its training partner, SatProf, have collaborated on the development of the first phase of a program designed to test operators of satellite newsgathering systems, as well as satellite operators, on the skills necessary to reduce the occurrence of SNG-based interference. In addition, RFI-EUI and GVF are jointly promoting the use of SNG terminal equipment that has been tested and approved in coordination with GVF’s industry framework.

“We are excited to be launching this program at CABSAT,” commented Dick Tauber, Co-chair, RFI-EUI and Chairman of WBU-ISOG. “Satellite interference continues to be a significant issue in our industry. Well-trained operators and increased use of type-approved equipment can help to dramatically reduce errors, and therefore instances of unintended interference.”

“The RFI-EUI Training and Certification Working Group (WG), led by Maura Maloney of ESPN, has been working closely with GVF and SatProf to ensure the program is tailored to the needs of our industry,” commented Rich Wolf, Co-chair, RFI-EUI. “In parallel, the RFI-EUI Best Practices WG, led by Paul Cohen of Fox Networks, and Colin Robinson, Chair of GVF’s Mutual Recognition Arrangement Working Group, are collaborating to promote the use of tested and approved SNG equipment.”

CABSAT 2013 attendees can learn more about the programs by attending the “Interference Prevention Summit”, which is scheduled for 12.00 – 5 p.m. on March 14. They are also welcome to visit the GVF Quality Products Theatre at the CABSAT Exhibit Hall, where manufacturers who have industry-approved products will share information regarding their product designs. Information about the training program is available online; register for SNG Operator Certification at www.gvf.org/training, and for information on approved SNG equipment visit www.gvf.org/approvals.