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March 12th, 2018

mu Space Seals the Deal with Blue Origin to Fly Aboard the New Glenn

It's official ... mu Space Corp., a startup Thai space technology company that is only a year old, has really taken off. Their first geostationary satellite will be launched aboard Blue Origin's New Glenn orbital rocket with a launch window in late 2020, which was announced today at a press meeting of the companies. The CEOs took a moment for a photo op at Satellite 2018 in which Jeff Bezos, Blue Origins founder met with mu Space's CEO James Yenbamroong to release the information.

left to right: Bob Smith, Blue Origin’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin and James Yenbamroong, CEO of mu Space look at a model of the New Glenn orbital launch vehicle.

Commenting on the announcement, mu Space CEO James Yenbamroong said that mu Space is opening a new era for satellite communications and space technology for Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2016, Blue Origin announced publicly the plan to build New Glenn, its orbital launch vehicle that will carry people and payloads to low-Earth orbit destinations and beyond. Named after the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, John Glenn, the launch vehicle is designed to be reusable which enables lower cost access to space for Blue Origin’s customers.

Bob Smith, Blue Origin’s CEO said that they are excited to launch mu Space’s first satellite. This will be their first GTO (geostationary transfer orbit) satellite aboard New Glenn.

James added that mu Space shares Blue Origin’s vision of opening up space access for all and improve quality of life on Earth. To do that, they have to go beyond Earth’s gravity towards the next frontier that humanity dreamed of — a purposeful mission that will change their lives. 

mu Space is working to support the growing demand for smart homes and smart cars, and development of smart cities in Asia-Pacific, and plans to scale up globally.  The company aims to use space technology to accelerate the development and adoption of useful smart applications