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Current Satellite News
March 12th, 2018
UPDATE: Officials Discuss Arianespace's Soyuz Launch ... Four O3b Satellites Go Up ... Join 12 Others ... Five More to Go
With 154 Thales Alenia Space satellites orbited since 1981 by Arianespace, and 11 more in our backlog, we will certainly continue to partner ... 
Ball Aerospace's Many Accomplishments at Satellite 2018 ... Phased Array Antennas, Optical Communications and Remote Sensing and More
Ball's new 5G Rapid Prototype Phased Array with Anokiwave, Inc. will help enable the future of 5G connectivity.
SES Successfully Launches Four for Three ... Four O3b Satellites that Drive Digital Equality with Fiber-Like Connectivity
From connecting underserved communities and meaningfully transforming lives through improved broadband access, to ...
Startup Allegedly Launches Rogue Satellites Without FCC Permission
It's a tale as old as time: a Silicon Valley startup is denied permission by the government to launch satellites, so the startup redesigns the satellites, and 
NASA is Cool with the CubeCats and Will Launch the U of Cincinnati's Students' LEOPARDSat-1
We were the ones who decided to do this mission and apply for a launch. It was not a faculty member who did this for their research. We have the ... 
ILS to Drive Two Effective Space SPACE DRONE™ Satellite Servicing Spacecraft to Orbit
The SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft is a 400 kg. spacecraft (1m x 1m x 1.25m) that has a universal, non-intrusive docking system to rendezvous...
Gilat Does a Double and Hits a Milestone ... Dual Band Aero Terminal for Commercial In-Flight Connectivity at Satellite 2018
...seamless transition between Ka- and Ku-band coverage thus utilizing the best available satellite resources for cost-efficiency and performance.
ViaSat-2 Satellite Comms Now Available for Government, Defense and Military Ops
In early March 2018, Viasat conducted a ViaSat-2 SATCOM system demonstration — attended by representatives from the U.S. armed forces....
Thuraya Brings Accomplishments, Products, Presentations and Will Co-Host an Event at Satellite 2018 
Thuraya Aero, their first in-flight satellite communications platform for aerospace, and T2M-DUAL, a dual-mode terminal for machine-to-machine ...
mu Space, SES Networks and Hughes Will 'Build a Bridge' by Providing Broadband Access to Rural Thailand
Thailand’s telecom industry database, only 12 percent or about 8.3 million of the country’s 69 million population currently has access to broadband.
A Blue Sky Ahead as Blue Origin and Sky Perfect JSAT Shake on a Satellite
agreement involves sending up a yet-to-be-named Sky Perfect JSAT satellite on Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which is currently under development.
mu Space Seals the Deal with Blue Origin to Fly Aboard the New Glenn
New Glenn, its orbital launch vehicle that will carry people and payloads to low-Earth orbit destinations and beyond.
Cellular Backhaul Deployment by XipLink for Entel Bolivia
Half of the population of Bolivia live in rural areas, often with no access to telecommunications infrastructure; yet, they all yearn to be connected. This...
KenCast All Set with Products for Presentation and Demo @ Satellite 2018
KenCast’s Fazzt has been providing flawless content delivery to fixed sites and VOTM with KenCast’s Fazzt content delivery platform for over two...
Mission Microwave Technologies Brings BUCs to Satellite 2018  
Mission Microwave’s Flatpack BUC, available in 12 Watt Ka-band and 25 Watt Ku-band versions, re-defines the industry standard for highly...
Debuting from VT iDirect @ Satellite 2018 are Three New iQ Remote Offerings
The iQ Series is VT iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2/DVB-S2X remote portfolio that features unprecedented performance and meets the needs of...
Cobham SATCOM’s Latest ... Sea Tel 9711 Triband Maritime Antenna at Satellite 2018
a number of ships today have increased their average bandwidth by as much as 2,000 percent, with some achieving speeds well over 1Gbps ...