Satnews Daily
February 14th, 2017

Thales Alenia Space's Telkom 3S Launches Bringing HD TV and Internet Services to Indonesia

Today another successful launch from Arianespace included a picture perfect sendoff of two satellites, SKY Brasil-1, and approximately 12 minutes after SKY Brasil-1’s separation Telkom 3S was deployed from the heavy lifter rocket Ariane 5.

Thales Alenia Space designed Telkom 3S for the delivery of high-definition television services as well as mobile communications and Internet applications for Telkom Indonesia. The 3,550-kg. relay platform, built by Thales Alenia Space, Toulouse and Cannes, France, is based on the Spacebus 4000B2 platform.  

In a turnkey contract for the Indonesian operator Telkom Indonesia, Thales Alenia Space's responsibilities include the design, construction, testing and in-orbit delivery of the satellite. It is also in charge of the launch and early orbital positioning phase (LEOP) and in-orbit tests (IOT). In addition, Thales Alenia Space will supply control center components and will train a team of engineers on site.

Located at 118 degrees East, Telkom-3S will increase Telkom Indonesia C-band capacity and will also offer High Definition Television and remote GSM Internet services in Ku-band across Indonesia, Southeast Asia and part of Malaysia.

Telkom-3S is based on the Thales Alenia Space Spacebus 4000 family with a 6.5 kW payload fitted by 24 C-band transponders, 8 extended C-band transponders and 10 Ku-band transponders.

“We’re very proud of this achievement, and the excellent teamwork between Telkom Indonesia in France and Indonesia and Thales Alenia Space’s Telkom 3S program team. We are very pleased to contribute to the expansion of Telkom Indonesia’s satellite activities by delivering our upgraded version of the Spacebus 4000B2 which offers larger capacity in a smaller and lighter spacecraft,” declared Bertrand Maureau EVP Telecommunication at Thales Alenia Space.