Satnews Daily
February 18th, 2015

TE Connectivity... Who Knew?... New Light Coatings + Ink Reduces Antenna's Weight + Available For Aerospace and Defense 

[SatNews] How to reduce weight in an antenna has been solved.  TE Connectivity (TE) specializes in connectivity and supplies standard and custom antennas for consumer applications, now brings its products to military and aerospace markets in the form of moldable composites and selective metallization. TE is delivering antennas that are smaller and lighter, and offer higher performance and increased functionality in flight and ground applications.

Advancements in materials science are enabling next-generation technologies like low-profile conformal antennas and antennas integrated into housings that help reduce complexity, simplify manufacturing and provide consistent performance.  

“TE is continually working to improve antenna technology through advancements in materials science to help lower cost, weight and size,” said Kathleen Fasenfest, senior electrical engineer of antenna products, Global Aerospace, Defense and Marine, TE. “Fiber-filled composites will be instrumental in creating lower profile antennas because they are stronger than the unfilled plastics often used in today’s technology and even allow for thinner radomes.” 

Recent advances in long and continuous glass fiber composites reduce the need for tedious and costly hand layups of traditional radome manufacturing, while enabling the creation of stronger, thinner and lighter radomes. Composite enclosures can be 30 to 40 percent lighter than the aluminum enclosures they replace. 

TE’s consumer antenna heritage also brings reliable solutions for dramatically reducing weight by integrating some circuit board traces, wires and connectors for fewer overall components. For example, TE’s 3D selective metallization process can be applied to a wide range of substrates including plastics, chemically resistant composites, glass, ceramic and metals to reduce weight. The metallization is extremely durable and withstands shock, vibration, fluids and salt spray to the levels typically required for aerospace applications. This process enables rapid development and manufacturing of robust 3D antennas for harsh environments. 

Conductive inks and coatings are key tools in lowering size, weight and power (SWaP) because they allow developers to replace metal components with coated plastic or composite parts. Conductive coatings also offer the possibility of printing antennas directly on structural composite parts such as body panels, enabling excellent integration of antennas into vehicles and other platforms.

TE's Acquisition Announced Today (Although it is pertaining to the health industry)...

TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AdvancedCath for $190 million USDin cash. 

AdvancedCath is a leading source of advanced catheter systems, with estimated 2015 revenues of $60 million. The company combines best-in-class technologies with industry-leading expertise in lifesaving therapy areas.

The acquisition complements and significantly expands TE's connectivity and sensor position in the attractive, high-growth interventional space of the medical market. Further, it will allow TE to provide more complete integrated solutions to customers. 

TE's Medical business designs and manufactures connectors, sensors and components for use in surgical, interventional catheter, imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare applications. Upon the completion of the transaction, the AdvancedCath team will report in through TE's Medical business unit, which is part of TE's Industrial Solutions segment.

"The acquisition of AdvancedCath expands TE's Medical business and positions us to be a leading provider of connectivity and sensor solutions in the high-growth medical device market," said Terrence Curtin, president, TE Connectivity Industrial Solutions segment. "Today's OEMs are developing innovative procedures that are minimally invasive to improve outcomes and quality of care. The combination of TE's connectivity and sensor solutions with AdvancedCath's expertise in the medical device market provides customers with an unmatched set of capabilities and technologies that enable future innovations and medical advances. We look forward to welcoming AdvancedCath's talented team to TE."

"We can now offer customers an unmatched combination of sensor, material science, electrical and biomedical technologies and a single source of manufacturing expertise for advanced medical devices," said Randall Sword, CEO, AdvancedCath. "With TE's geographic footprint, we can provide better support to our global customers as they progress through development, clinical trials and volume manufacturing."