Satnews Daily
February 21st, 2019

ORBCOMM's Analytics Services Empower Rehrig's Vision™ Customers

ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC) has been selected by Rehrig Pacific Company (Rehrig) to power Rehrig’s Vision™ software suite and enhance the platform’s performance, usability and reaction time.

Rehrig’s Vision is designed to provide its customers with actionable business intelligence to maximize their return on investment in fleet and container assets across all lines of Rehrig’s business, including the supply chain, waste management, environmental and retail markets.

ORBCOMM’s analytics services enables customers to extract precise, real-time information at high speeds from the company's asset-based data to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. By integrating ORBCOMM’s analytics solution with their Vision platform, Rehrig’s customers can query massive amounts of real-time asset data in seconds using GPS and RFID technology, providing actionable information and visibility into their supply chain, including missed container pick-ups, inefficient routes, driver behavior, inventory management, and damaged assets. In addition, ORBCOMM’s predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities empower Rehrig’s customers with valuable business insights to help them realize productivity gains, increase asset utilization, reduce unnecessary operating costs and improve revenue.

ORBCOMM is pursuing a number of additional customer opportunities for the firm's services focused on the transportation and logistics, supply chain and heavy equipment markets, where the company has deep domain knowledge and has identified industry benchmark comparisons and statistical applications applied to machine, logistical and conditional behaviors for these markets.

Executive Comments

Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s CEO, said Rehrig is an exciting customer win for the company's analytics business, which supports their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance their customers’ operations and deliver the highest levels of service and performance in their markets. ORBCOMM's advanced analytics services extend beyond just track and trace to transform data from hundreds of thousands of assets into usable, ROI-driven insights, making the company a strong partner in Rehrig’s supply chain technology offerings.

Rob Martin, Director of Technology Services for Rehrig Pacific Company, commented that ORBCOMM’s unique ability to deliver analytics on massive amounts of data at such high speeds is unmatched in the industry and fulfills the firm's most critical requirement for this initiative. ORBCOMM’s high-performance analytics technology has significantly enhanced the company's Vision platform and helps Rehrig to create even more value for customers as a preferred technology solution supplier. By providing real-time visibility, reliable benchmarks and hidden patterns in their operations, the company can help customers make better business decisions, run their business more efficiently and stay competitive.