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Current Satellite News
February 21st, 2019
AST Sets their Sails and Floats the First Commercial Iridium Certus on an Old Herring Lugger
The accomplishment took place on the vessel originally built as a herring lugger in the last century now used for cruise expeditions in the polar regions.
CETel Acquires SES-12 Capacity
The coverage reaches from Cyprus in the West to Japan in the East, and South to Australia and North to Russia, enabling CETel to provide optimized...
Exos Aerospace Schedules Company's Reuse Viability Test for SARGE ... March 2 
The “Mission 1” test flight of the SARGE reusable system will carry the commercial payloads flown under the programs listed below. A successful...
Virgin Galactic vs. Mojave Desert ... Mojave Wins... Delays Fifth Test Run
“On the way back down in the feather configuration, we’ll be looking at how it handles in the feather, how easy it is to control in the feather."
ORBCOMM's Analytics Services Empower Rehrig's Vision™ Customers
integrating ORBCOMM’s analytics solution with their Vision platform, customers can query massive amounts of real-time asset data in seconds
Comtech Mobile Datacom's $1.1 Million Incremental Funding for U.S. Army's Blue Force Tracking-1 
Comtech continues to perform engineering services, satellite network operations and program management through a Firm Fixed Price (“FFP”)...
Integrasys' Beam Budget Tool Ensures Accurate Link Budget Calculations
Beam Budget drastically reduces the complexity surrounding link budget calculations and makes it simple for anyone to perform link budget ...
Harris Commercial Broadband Satellite Program Receives Contract Mod from SPAWAR
The CBSP ULV provides terminal-to-shore, space and terrestrial connectivity to significantly increase throughput for commercial satellite communication...