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May 12th, 2016

ISRO Where Are They Now? 34 Indian Satellites Are Up And Running In Space

Here'a an update regarding India's 83 satellites, where they are now and what their specific tasks are. 

Since 1975, India has launched 83 satellites into the space for to serve different purposes.

Mars Orbiter Mission [ISRO]

Current data released by the Union government confirm that 34 of them are operational. The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh shared this in Rajya Sabha, the Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India. .

  • Out of the 34 Indian satellites, 13 are for communication purposes, 12 are for Earth observation, seven are navigational and two are dedicated to study of astronomy
  • It is to be noted that in 2016, three satellites were launched under the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). These satellites have put India on the same platform with other developed countries who have dedicated global positioning satellite systems
  • The IRNSS act as the navigation satellites. These include IRNSS-1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F and 1G
  • The Mars Orbiter Mission or MOM and ASTROSAT are the two satellites that ISRO uses to study Mars and outer space, respectively
  • INSAT-3A, INSAT-3C, INSAT-4A, INSAT-4B, INSAT-4CR, GSAT-6, GSAT-7, GSAT-8, GSAT-10, GSAT-12, GSAT-14, GSAT-15 and GSAT-16 are the communication satellites
  • Resourcesat-2, RISAT-1, RISAT-2, Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B, Oceansat-2, SARAL, Kalpana-1, Megha-Tropiques and INSAT-3D are used for observing movements and patterns on Earth
  • Applications such as Direct-To-Home Television (DTH), Digital Satellite News Gathering, telecommunication, VSAT services for banking, tele-education and business communication use Ku-band onboard GSAT-15 and other Indian satellites
  • The first ever satellite launched by India was Aryabhatta on April 19 in 1975. The satellite was launched using a u-11 Interkosmos.