Satnews Daily
September 2nd, 2011

Newtec Flex-es With A Stellar Salute To Troops In Harms Way (SatCom)

[SatNews] Imagine a solution to enabling a link for a camp of 40,000 in Afghanistan.

Newtec’s FlexACM® enables satellite service provider Stellar to provide capacity for troop morale, welfare and recreation programs. Stellar has installed Newtec Elevation Hubs for its three transponders covering the base in Afghanistan. The Elevation Hubs combine state-of-the-art modulation with IP and satellite bandwidth shaping and award-winning FlexACM® technology to fully optimise the satellite link.

Christian Steffen, CEO of the Stellar Group, commented: “The traffic requirements for a morale, welfare and recreation program via satellite are massive. We therefore needed a solution that would deliver the best possible value and efficiency. By implementing Newtec’s FlexACM technology we gained around 30 percent bandwidth efficiency,” he said. “Twelve years ago when we were setting up the Stellar Teleport, we started with Newtec modulators and since then we have always bought equipment from the company. We know that they are very reliable and love the stability of this new FlexACM solution,” said Mr Steffen.

Reliability is important for ensuring high morale in the camp, especially with the high speed link which has a 100 Mbps downlink and 20 Mbps uplink.

For the project Stellar booked three 33MHz transponders. The challenges however were many with the satellite in an inclined orbit, dust-fade in the atmosphere, and hostile conditions on the ground.

“The main challenge was to ensure the link was always available so that a connection with loved ones at home can be made at any time of day,” said Serge van Herck, CEO of Newtec. “With Newtec’s FlexACM, Stellar can switch between transponders making it flexible and guaranteeing a high-speed link at all times. It also fully optimizes the bandwidth efficiency and performance available.”

As no additional satellite capacity is left on this inclined orbit satellite, Newtec’s FlexACM solution enables Stellar to make the most out of the capacity it has now available.

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