Satnews Daily
February 27th, 2017

Watch the Bird.i... and Airbus provide easy access to fresh Earth Observation imagery

Bird.i a new provider, as of last year, of satellite, airborne and drone imagery, announces a partnership agreement with satellite image supplier Airbus Defence and Space.

Together, Bird.i is partnering with Airbus to provide real-time online visualization of Airbus Defence and Space's most recent images and to enable the development of exciting new applications and services such as Bird.i's technology to develop a plug-and-play API that works within mapping and location-based applications.

Bird.i’s founder and CEO Corentin Guillo said he is excited to partner with Airbus Defence and Space as one of their leading suppliers. Maximizing the exploitation of their global coverage fits Bird.i’s commitment to serve the freshest possible images to its clients for mass consumption of instantaneously accessible ‘image views’. Both companies will collaborate to streamline the overall process of image consumption and Bird.i will strive at opening new markets.

Bernhard Brenner, Head of the Intelligence Business Cluster at Airbus Defence and Space, said that Bird.i is proposing an easy way of exploring the Earth, and they are very happy to see their high and very high-resolution satellite imagery as a core layer in this. They are glad to help Bird.i entering new markets, where quick access and visualisation of the most recent satellite images will bring tangible benefits to many businesses.

As part of this agreement, Bird.i, will provide access, through its API, to One Atlas, the world’s freshest satellite image library developed by Airbus. This satellite image basemap, refreshed within a 12-month period and available online 24/7, covers the Earth landmasses with professional grade imagery.