Satnews Daily
September 21st, 2015

The Space Report Online, 10 Years of Data, 10 Years of Growth ... 100 Percent Searchable ... Now Available

[Satnews] Over the course of the past decade, the Space Foundation research team has gathered an ever-expanding collection of information about the space industry, government policies and priorities, and the evolving trends that influence space activity. All of this data is now available in a single place, ready for use in research, reports, business analysis and market forecasts.

The Space Report Online has been meticulously categorized and is 100 percent searchable to make finding the exact piece of data available for the user. 

The website provides subscribers with access to all the research conducted for The Space Report dating back to 2005, as well as new data sets that have never appeared in the report. This website will provide users with updates throughout the year, customizable charts and downloadable data for further analysis. To view more information about this new service, visit . Several pricing plans and options are available as well as archived editions of The Space Report. 

The Space Report Key Findings 

The report contains worldwide space facts and figures and is illustrated with photographs, charts and graphs. Within are myriad examples of the benefits of space exploration and utilization, the challenges facing the space sector, the opportunities for future growth and the major factors that shape the industry. In addition, The Space Report includes an overview of each sector, easy-to-understand definitions and up-to-date information on space infrastructure, facilities, launches and programs.  

The Space Report is published annually by the Space Foundation, using in-house industry analysts working with a European nonprofit organization, Eurospace, to research and analyze government and industry trends in space activity.