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August 21st, 2018

oneM2M's Diverse Membership Grows as Momentum Regarding IoT Accelerates

And the list goes on with new members in oneM2M, the global standards initiative that covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security solutions and interoperability for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. An announcement indicates that a cybersecurity specialist, research institutes, service providers and Ireland’s official standards body are among the latest companies to join the global Internet of Things (IoT) standards initiative oneM2M as it continues to evolve its universal framework to empower mass adoption of the IoT across a range of sectors.  

The newest additions to oneM2M’s vast membership – which is made up of vendors, operators and national bodies – highlights the wide relevance of oneM2M’s work across the globe, with the new members coming from Canada, America, Europe and Asia.  

oneM2M’s common service layer can be embedded within hardware and software to create a common language between IoT devices, enabling vertical interoperability, best-in-class security and interworking with legacy IoT standards.

New members include:

  • The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) opted to join oneM2M as part of the Irish Government’s strategy to prepare networks for the digitalisation of key processes, including the future industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.  Geraldine Larkin, Chief Executive of the NSAI said they are joining oneM2M at a pivotal time as they have just kicked-off their standards development program for ‘IoT & Future Networks’ which will feed into the Irish Government’s National Industry 4.0 Strategy. Membership will give their experts the added advantage of having access to and contributing to Technical Specifications which are being created outside of the mainstream standards organizations, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with industry and research institutes from various backgrounds.
  • Friedhelm Rodermund, Founder and Director at IOTECC, another company to join oneM2M this year, said that as a company which focuses on IoT standards consulting, IOTECC joined oneM2M to understand how it is evolving further to cover the needs of more and more verticals, and how it enables interworking between oneM2M and a growing number of IoT technologies and standards.
  • LG CNS, another new addition to oneM2M’s membership, has recently launched INFioT, an international standard which is based on oneM2M’s horizontal platform. LG CNS has also embedded the oneM2M standard into its recently launched smart city platform ‘Cityhub’ which collects and analyses data generated and sent by various city infrastructures via IoT technology. 
  • New member CSEM will combine oneM2M’s platform with its secured, low-power IoT solutions to create autonomous and optimized interoperable platforms. GlenMartin will use its membership to explore the launch of a secure data exchange for IoT data. 


The companies which have joined oneM2M since January 2018 include CSEM, GlenMartin, IOTECC GmbH, LG CNS, National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), Telensa Limited and the University of Athens.

Fran O’ Brien, oneM2M’s Steering Committee Chairman stated that this year has seen a great increase in membership which highlights that as momentum behind the global roll-out of the IoT gains pace, so too does the industry’s standardization efforts. This is leading to an ever-growing number of companies recognizing the importance of seamless interoperability across all connectivity technologies as the foundation for a valued, future-proof IoT platform. As more IoT devices and applications emerge, this will only escalate and as a totally agnostic framework, they are confident the growth in oneM2M members will also continue.

oneM2M will also address the adoption of the IoT at its Industry Day, which will be held during IoT Week Korea, on Friday, September 14, at the COEX Convention Center, in Seoul, Korea. 


For more information on oneM2M’s current work, visit: www.oneM2M.org.