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October 23rd, 2017

SES Networks Brings in the Balloons as X's Project Loon Restores Cell Connectivity in Puerto Rico

These balloons aren't for a party, but they do offer a positive number of services and, in this instance, provide a great service and encouragement.

The combination of SES Networks' satellite-enabled networks, X's high-altitude balloons, and local telecommunications expertise is restoring cell connectivity to hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico

SES announced today announced today that SES Networks' high throughput and fiber-like satellite connectivity service, in conjunction with the company X's stratospheric balloons, Alphabet’s self-described "moonshot factory", and local telecommunications expertise are playing a key role in restoring 4G/LTE connectivity in disaster-affected Puerto Rico.

The connectivity is powered by Project Loon's targeted cell coverage and SES Networks' O3b FastConnect, a rapidly deployable satellite terminal delivering fiber-like performance. Together with local technology partners, SES Networks and X are providing reliable high-performance connectivity to Puerto Ricans whose lives have been devastated by the hurricane Maria and who have limited means of communication.

Once the balloon is filled, the perch rises up into the air to lift the it into position.

Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks stated that their thoughts are with those whose lives have been impacted by this devastating hurricane, and that access to connectivity is crucial in getting those affected the information and help they need after a natural disaster. They are really pleased to be working with X and their other partners to deploy high-performance connectivity to Puerto Rico and to play a part in the island's restoration efforts.