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April 22nd, 2015

Space Partnership International Has A New Senior VP Of Engineering...He Comes From Lockheed-Martin

[SatNews] Space Partnership International, a leading provider of a wide range of management services to the space and satellite industries, announced that Roy Kampfer has joined the company as senior vice president of engineering. The company was founded in 2009 and develops space-based resources for communications, Earth observation, and atmospheric sensing for corporate and government customers

Kampfer previously was with Lockheed-Martin Commercial Space Systems, bringing his industry knowledge and systems engineering background to the development of commercial and international government satellite programs with an emphasis on Europe and Australia.

“Roy brings a wide range of international leadership experience and program management to SPI,” said Jean-Michel Eid, a managing director of the consulting company. “He also is familiar with the entire range of satellite technology—LEO, MEO and GEO, and applications from remote sensing to broadband, broadcast, and mobile communications.”

At SPI, Kampfer will be responsible for assisting clients with satellite procurement, systems architecture, program management, and other related engineering services.

Previous to his five years at Lockheed-Martin, Kampfer was vice president of engineering of ONDAS SA, where he led the engineering development of the digital audio broadcasting system and user euipment, and vice president of programs at ImageSat International, where he played a leading role in development of satellite remote sensing services to international customers. He has also held leadership positions at Motorola, AON Space, Fairchild Space Co., and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Kampfer holds an engineering degree from Lehigh University and has done a variety of postgraduate work.