Satnews Daily
December 21st, 2015

Teleena™ Gains Ground In The IoT Area ... Validation As They Are Accepted Into LoRa Alliance

[Satnews] Dutch mobile service enabler Teleena is gaining momentum to become a leading global provider of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was recently accepted into the worldwide LoRa Alliance and participates in the exclusive Gemalto On-Demand Provisioning Program.

The LoRa Alliance is a partnership of industry leaders aiming to standardize IoT wide area networks offering battery friendly, low-cost, long-range connectivity to billions of devices. The Gemalto On-Demand Provisioning Program aims to facilitate the rapid growth of a connected world by exchanging opportunities and speeding up technical preparation of mobile network operators.
Pivotal to Teleena’s IoT strategy is the offering of global device connectivity and management thereof. The Teleena solution allows customers to make big steps in developing their own IoT services without having to deal with the associated technical and operational processes. It shortens time to market while maintaining high levels of security.
"Expansion into IoT is a logical next step for us," says Timo Smit, founder and Executive Director of Teleena. "We have been servicing mobile (virtual) network operators around the globe for many years and will continue to do so. Now we’re also ready to offer global mobile connectivity solutions for IoT players. Such players can be network operators, OEMs and IoT solution providers or integrators. Our service platform is network and technology agnostic, meaning we support seamless roaming on GSM/LTE and WiFi, as well as new low power networks like LoRa. Next to bare connectivity, Teleena’s IoT platform takes care of the IoT retail billing services, fulfilment and logistics with seamless on boarding.