Satnews Daily
February 18th, 2016

SpeedCast + Gazprom Space Systems Partner =  Expansion Communication Services For Africa's Energy Sector 

[Satnews] SpeedCast International Limited (“SpeedCast”), a leading global satellite telecommunications service provider, today announced a new agreement with Gazprom Space Systems (“GSS”), a Russian-based satellite operator, to expand satellite communications services in Africa. This partnership allows SpeedСast to utilize capacity on GSS’s Yamal-402 Ku-band satellite to provide high-performance services to global oil and gas companies across Africa.   

Customers will benefit from the high-performance and excellent look angles for Africa offered by the f.  With the uplink based in Germany, customers will be able to land their traffic directly into Europe, taking advantage of high-speed interconnection throughout Europe.  Further, Germany’s excellent standards of infrastructure and advanced data security laws will ensure the highest levels of security for customers’ sensitive data.  

“We are always searching for the best solutions for our customers in the key countries in which they operate”, commented Moti Shulman, Vice President, Technologies & Network Planning, SpeedCast International Limited. “The expansion of our services for the African resource market augment SpeedCast’s current service capacity in Africa.  We are thrilled to partner with Gazprom Space Systems to deliver communication services into the African region. Delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers is at the heart of our success.” 

“We are pleased to partner with a market leader in global satellite communications, with growing market share in the energy sector,” said Dmirty Sevastiyanov, Director General, Gazprom Space Systems.  “Our partnership with SpeedCast will further strengthen our common ability to deliver the reliable and efficient broadband and mobile connectivity that energy companies demand nowadays.”