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April 26th, 2018

Inmarsat Floats Their '2018 Superyacht Connectivity Report' and Receives Waves of Positive Responses

Big boats have big needs, and so it is that folks that have high end yachts expect to have the best connectivity all the time — everywhere.

To that end a report, The 2018 Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity Report, offers an extensive connectivity survey on the usage and demands for connectivity onboard the global super yacht fleet that was produced in association with The Superyacht Group.

The 2018 Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity Report is an extensive connectivity survey on the usage and demands for connectivity onboard the global superyacht fleet

The report is in and the consensus is that superyacht skippers and crew are reporting increasing demand for satellite-delivered bandwidth to drive vessel management, address higher than anticipated usage of Internet of Things (IoT) applications onboard and to deliver navigation optimization. 

Despite these critical operations being identified as the most important functions of satellite communications onboard, the research also revealed that the level of cyber security deployed by the global superyacht fleet is minimal, with nearly 64 percent of yachts relying on a simple on-board firewall or crew managed system. 

The survey also showed that crucial factors for senior crew members were connectivity speed and bandwidth capacity, followed by price. With owners demanding a seamless internet connection and home broadband equivalent speeds on their yachts, captains have a demanding challenge to meet both usage expectations and budget limitations. 

Inmarsat’s Rob Myers, Senior Director, Maritime Market Development, said that the survey has provided them with really valuable insight into exactly how the owners’ representatives, captains and engineers use satellite communications. It also underlines their needs are for the future and how they can help to ensure their global services match these requirements with particular regard to seasonal flexibility and extreme reliability. 

With digitalization prevalent in the superyacht sector, cyber security is a key factor in the future safety of these vessels and they are working to provide more robust and accessible options than they currently employ. It was good to see Inmarsat listed as one of the most reliable and consistent services available for global operations, as they are continuously building on their advanced technology and pricing flexibility to meet the stringent demands of the superyacht market.

Respondents to the survey have worked on over 160 superyacht installations and were able to provide valuable insight into the usage and future requirements for global, mobile satellite communications on vessels from 30m to over 80 meters. 

Details from the report will be enhanced at further planned meetings with captains and engineers during events at the MBYA Charter Show in Barcelona, the Palma Superyacht Show and the Newport VOR stopover event in the U.S. Inmarsat will be participating at the Palma Superyacht Show, April 27th to May 1st, at Stand SY22, E3 Systems. 

Inmarsat recently launched its Fleet Xpress for superyachts service, which has been well received in the market. The company will continue to enhance and develop its range of services based on these survey results, with the aim of keeping the global superyacht fleet safe and connected, wherever they sail in the world.