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January 21st, 2019

Network Innovations Formally Launches Iridium CertusSM to Global Customers

After months of testing Network Innovations (NI) is giving the nod to the new Iridum CertusSM service. With global teams conducting vigorous testing, NI has been able to gain first-hand expertise and in-depth knowledge of both the service and the hardware while assisting Iridium in preparing for the commercial launch.

Network Innovations, one of the first Iridium Certus Service Providers, has been beta- and field-testing the new Iridium CertusSM service. NI’s prelaunch activities and expansive field-testing have combined to increase NI’s value proposition for global customers.

Since 1996, Network Innovations has been involved in testing every new L-Band satellite service. In addition to a global reach, NI’s experience  of beta-testing and reporting were the deciding factors for Iridium to choose NI to put the new system through its paces in preparation for the launch.

The lessons learned through the process of beta- and field-testing provided NI’s team a uniquely complete understanding of the service’s functionality and allowed them to hit the ground running both on the support and sales side. This resulted in early customer adoption with one of the first commercial activations globally. Network Innovations has sold, delivered and activated commercial Iridium Certus units in both Land and Maritime clients and will deliver its first Aero units later this year.

Eric Verheylewegen, Executive Vice President, Global Land Sales, Network Innovations said that Iridium Certus is a true game changer as it gives their clients the ability to connect at high speed, on the move, globally no matter their latitude. Combined with three simultaneous crystal-clear voice lines, Iridium Certus is the perfect solution for their clients who work in the most demanding environments. The upcoming increase in speed and suite of additional onboard services will increase the uniqueness of the Iridium Certus service, making it one of the most attractive tools in their solutions portfolio.

Bryan Hartin, executive vice president, Iridium added that Network Innovations is a long-time trusted partner of Iridium and an ideal company to help them bring Iridium Certus to the market, in addition to putting it through the paces and helping ensure it was ready for commercial service introduction. This service is bringing smaller, lighter, faster and more cost-effective terminals to an L-band industry market sorely in need of a new choice for its critical communications applications.