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October 21st, 2014

WORK Microwave Has Been Hard at Work + Will Reveal Their Defense Solutions at MilSatCom 2014

[SatNews] The company is unique to the industry in that our company has a separate Satcom and Defence division...

As a provider of RF- and microwave-based electronics equipment for military applications, WORK Microwave has built up a strong reputation within the industry for developing high-spec, energy-saving solutions that meet all MIL standards.

At Global MilSatCom 2014, WORK Microwave will be on hand to discuss its comprehensive range of defence solutions, including radar synthesizers and front ends, ECM equipment, RF selectors, satellite ground station equipment, and medium-power amplifiers. All of WORK Microwave's engineering and manufacturing processes are completed in-house, enabling customers to benefit from more than 28 years of engineering expertise and a faster time to market.


"The 16th Annual Global MilSatCom Conference and Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate why our solutions are perfect for demanding applications such as aeronautics, space, and military,” said WORK Microwave Modem Technologies Product Manager Jörg Rockstroh. “WORK Microwave is unique to the industry in that our company has a separate Satcom and Defence division, resulting in products that offer the best of both the military and commercial worlds — the latest technology advancements and cost-effective solutions.".

Key Products and Technology Demonstrations:

DVB-S2 Demodulator SDD-IP / SDD-DV / SDD-TS

Satcom Equipment
WORK Microwave's extensive portfolio of modems, modulators, and demodulators support a wide range of IP and satellite communications applications. All solutions are fully compliant with the DVB-S2 standard and new DVB-S2X extension, providing operators with increased flexibility, bandwidth, and margins while reducing their amplifier power, operating costs, and antenna sizes.

The DVB-S2X extension offers a variety of sophisticated features and benefits, including smaller roll-offs, advanced filtering and higher modulation schemes, enabling operators to achieve sizeable efficiency gains exceeding the results offered by proprietary systems on the market today.

Of special interest is WORK Microwave's demodulator product range, which supports transport stream and data reception, including various decapsulations, as well as the output of raw data baseband frames for advanced analysis and monitoring. In addition, the demodulator offers automatic detection of physical layer scrambling and automatic scanning of the L-band, enabling operators to classify carriers across the spectrum.

DVB Satellite Modulator-Upconverter Wide C-, X-, Ku-, K-, Ka-band

Analog Solutions Including the IF Up/Down Frequency Converter
At Global MilSatCom 2014, WORK Microwave will demonstrate its fifth-generation converter series, designed to support applications that require low phase noise, ranging from S-band to Q-band. The fifth-generation converters feature a sophisticated synthesizer that makes them capable of delivering phase noise at a level that significantly exceeds the respected industry standard according to Intelsat's Phase Noise Specification, IESS-308/309.

WORK Microwave's fifth-generation converter series is based on a modular architecture; the converters can easily be optimized to meet an operator's specific requirements (e.g., frequency range, output power, and conversion gain). They are currently available as single, dual, or triple-band converters, as well as dual-channel converters.

RF and Microwave Modules Up to 40GHz
WORK Microwave will showcase a wide range of microwave modules designed to meet the needs of demanding defence and research applications, including radar transponders, ECM equipment, RF selectors, and medium-power amplifiers and drivers up to 200 watts.

WORK Microwave's high-performance satellite communications equipment has been ruggedized and weatherproofed to withstand extended temperature variations and the world's most extreme environments. All WORK Microwave devices provide secure and reliable connectivity in compliance with military grade security. Furthermore, the solutions were developed to address the challenges often associated with critical military-grade satellite communications equipment, including the altitude and acceleration demands associated with aircraft, the resistance to vibration demanded by land vehicles such as tanks, and the need to protect against sea salt corrosion required by marine craft.

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