Satnews Daily
November 10th, 2014

High-Flying Content—FlightPath3D Moving Map Selected

[SatNews] Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (GEE; Nasdaq:ENT) has selected the FlightPath3D Moving Map & City Destination Guide service from Betria Interactive to deliver a next-generation moving map and geotainment service for wireless inflight solutions.

Available with GEE's connectivity portal and WISE™ wireless inflight entertainment solution, the new service offering will support an HTML5 browser-based moving map as well as a fully interactive 3D application solution.

"The moving map is an essential content feature of our digital media wireless solutions," said GEE Software and Development SVP Alexis Steinman. "Beyond the map's infotainment features and attractive look & feel, the rich media features of Betria's map enable us to extend our sponsorship and advertising strategy by using the map's built-in, customizable points-of-interest."

The FlightPath3D integrated inflight moving map service includes a flight broadcast/preview "auto-play" mode and an in-seat interactive 3D map application, both with detailed satellite imagery and integrated street maps. The service includes 25,000 named locations in more than 20 languages.

The City Destination Guide catalog is expanding to include hundreds of the top destination cities around the globe all with detailed street-level city maps and rich, multi-media point-of-interest data. The new Themed Map service also allows airlines to create a wide variety of  travel-related content experiences as an alternative to the traditional inflight entertainment (IFE) media options available today.

For more information, please visit the Global Eagle Entertainment infosite