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May 27th, 2015

NSR's Nano + Microsatellite Markets Reveals Fast Pace, Competitive + Opportunities For Growth

[SatNews]  Nano and Microsatellite Markets, 2nd Edition is an analysis of the rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive sub-100 kg satellite market. The fast pace of development and diversification is captured through over one hundred, 10-year forecasts of satellite launch rates, mass characteristics, and manufacturing and launch revenue generated. NSR’s assessment extends from launch volume and mass forecasts to take a deeper look at regional and application-specific trends, and assess emerging technologies that could be industry game changers.

NSR’s Nano and Microsatellite Markets, 2nd Edition offers the insight necessary to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics and opportunities characteristic of the sub-100 kg satellite sector.

This report tackles the key questions facing the nano and microsatellite market:

  • How will the market value generated by sub-100 kg satellite demand evolve over the coming decade?
  • Why has the nano and microsatellite market expanded at such a high rate since 2012?
  • What trade-offs lead operators to select sub-100 kg satellites?
  • Which applications will dominate launch rates, and which will lead revenue generation?
  • Will each application have a niche mass distribution?
  • What ratio of satellites launched over the next decade will belong to constellations versus orphan satellites?
  • Will in-house manufacturing continue to be the norm for cubesats?
  • How could availability of new launch vehicles impact market activity?
  • Which technologies are critical to enabling future growth?

Leveraging a proprietary database of historic, currently active, and planned satellites alongside thorough analysis of emerging trends and industry drivers, Nano and Microsatellite Markets, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive assessment of market potential over the next ten years. This bottom-up analysis is a must-have for any operator, manufacturer, launch service provider, or investor seeking to enter this quickly changing market.