Satnews Daily
September 12th, 2016

Communications & Power Industries' Satcom Division Brings Their Solutions To The Middle East

A company in the Middle East will have some new high power amplifiers (HPAs), including traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and klystron power amplifiers (KPAs) from the Satcom Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI). These items will be used as part of an Earth station upgrade and expansion. The contract awarded for these CPI products and services is with a major telecoms service provide in the Middle East and is in excess of $1,400,000.  

Gerard Charpentier, vice president of business development at CPI Satcom Division remarked, “CPI remains a leading supplier of all types of amplifier technologies, including those that were selected for this project. Because CPI can offer this wide variety of technologies, our customers know that they can rely on us to provide the best, unbiased solution for their application requirements.  The unique breadth of our technology offering means that, unlike other HPA providers, our continued success does not depend on the sale of a particular type of technology; we can offer our customers the best technological solution, not just the one that we happen to have in our product portfolio.”